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Closest Campings

Bøsøre Strand Feriepark

Bøsørevej 16, 5874 Hesselager Denmark
Bøsøre, Funen
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Guldager Camping

Bondagervej 67, 9493 Saltum, Jammerbugt, Nordjylland
Saltum, Nordjylland
  more information

Randbøldal Camping

Randbøldal Camping Dalen 9 DK 7183 Randbøl
Randbøldal Camping , North Jutland
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Holme Å Camping

Holme Å Camping Torpet 6 6682 Hovborg DK
Billund, Hovborg, Syddanmark
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Copenhagen Camping

Bachersmindevej 13 2791 dragør
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
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Hjarbaek Fjord camping

Hulager 2 8831 Loegstrup
Viborg, Midtjylland
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Krakær Camping

Gl. Kærvej 18, DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Aarhus, Midtjylland
  more information

Sindal Camping

Hjørringvej 125, 9870 Sindal, Denmark GPS coordinates: 57 28 07 N - 10 10 70 E
Sindal, Nordjylland
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Sønderby Strand Camping

Sønderbygade 4, Kegnæs, 6470 Sydals
Sydals, South Jutland
  more information

Bjerregaard Camping

Sønder Klitvej 185, Bjerregaard, 6960 Hvide Sande
Hvide Sande, Ringkjobing
  more information

Diernæs Camping

Bjerregaardsvej 1 Diernæs 5600 Faaborg
Faaborg, Syddanmark
  more information

Svinkløv Camping

Svinkløvvej 541, 9690 Fjerritslev
Fjerritslev, North Jutland
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Bøjden Strandcamping

Bøjden Landevej 12, 5600 Faaborg
Faaborg, Syddanmark
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Undinegårdens Camping

Undinevej 3, Ganløse, 3660 Stenløse
Stenløse, Frederiksborg
  more information

Nyborg Strandcamping

Hjejlevej 99, 5800 Nyborg
Nyborg, Funen
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Hedebo Strand Camping

Frederikshavnsvej 108, 9300 Sæby
Sæby, North Jutland
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Nymindegab Familie Camping

Lyngtoften 12, 6830 Nebel
Nebel, Ribe
  more information

Ringkoebing Camping

Vellingvej 56, 6950 Ringkoebing
Ringkoebing, Ringkjobing
  more information

Vesterlyng Camping

Ravnholtvej 3, Havnsø, 4591 Føllenslev
Føllenslev, West Zealand
  more information

Reersoe Camping

Skansevej 2, Reersoe, 4281 Goerlev
Goerlev, West Zealand
  more information


About Denmark

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. Part of it, Jutland, lies on a peninsula north of Germany while a number of islands, including two major ones, Zealand and Funen, are spread across the Baltic Sea between Jutland and Sweden. Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. However, the country has opted out of European Union's Maastricht Treaty, the European monetary system (EMU), and issues concerning certain internal affairs.


Denmark is made up of the following regions:

  • Zealand (Sjælland)
  • Jutland (Jylland)
  • Funen (Fyn)
  • Mon (Møn)
  • Falster
  • Lolland
  • Bornholm

Smaller islands:

  • Anholt in Kattegat
  • Fanø west of Esbjerg
  • Rømø
  • Mandø
  • Fejø
  • Femø
  • Askø
  • Bogø
  • Omø
  • Enø
  • Langeland near Funen
  • Samsø
  • Læsø
  • Sejerø
  • Tåsinge
  • Ærø
  • Møn
  • Als
  • Drejø
  • Endelave
  • Orø
  • Mors
  • Sprogø

Denmark also has two overseas dependencies:

  • Faroe Islands
  • Greenland


These are the four major cities in Denmark:

  • Copenhagen (København)
  • Aarhus (Århus)
  • Odense
  • Aalborg

By car

There are no toll-roads except the two big bridges: Storebæltbroen between Zealand and Funen (DKK 200 one way), and Øresundbroen between Copenhagen and Malmo (DKK 235 one way).

Margueritruten is one 3500 Km long connected route of small scenic roads passing 100 important Danish attractions. It is marked by brown signs with the white Marguerite Daisy flower. It is marked on most roadmaps.

Speed limits in Denmark are as follows: cities 50 km/h, suburban areas 80-90 km/h, highways 110-130 km/h.


Apart from the kebab shops and pizza stands, dining in Denmark can be fairly expensive, but a worthwhile cost. Traditional Danish fare includes items as pickled herring, fried sanddab, and other assorted seafood items. Hearty meats are also prevalent, as seen in items such as frikadeller (pork only or pork and veal meat balls topped by a brown sauce) and "stegt flæsk og persillesovs" (thick pork bacon slices topped by a parsley cream sauce). Many meals are also accompanied by a beer, and shots of aquavit or schnaps, though these are mainly enjoyed when guests are over. Drinking along with meals is encouraged as the foods are enhanced by the drinks, and vice versa. For dessert, try either "ris à l'amande" (rice pudding with almonds with cherries) or æbleskiver. For candy try a bag of "Superpiratos" (hot licorice candy).

The traditional Danish lunch is smørrebrød, open sandwiches usually on rye bread - fish are served on white bread, and many restaurants give you a choice of bread. Smørrebrød served on special occasions, in lunch restaurants, or bought in lunch takeaway stores, are piled higher than the daily fare.

Some of the most popular and traditional choices are:

  • Pickled herring, plain, curry, or with red spices
  • Liver Paté Sandwich, probably the most popular
  • Stjerneskud, salad, plaice, shrimp, etc.
  • Røget ål og røræg, smoked eel and scrambled eggs
  • Pariserbøf, beef patty cooked rare with capers, horseradish, raw onions, and a raw egg yolk on top.
  • Dyrlægens Natmad, liver pate, slices of salty meat, onion rings, jellied meat sauce.
  • Beef tartar
  • Flæskesteg, Slices of pork roast with pickled red cabbage.
  • Roastbeef, with remoulade, fried onion, horseradish.
  • Kartoffel, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.
  • Hakkebøf, beef patty with soft fried onions, a fried egg, pickles.
  • Shrimps, you get a generous portion of just shrimp with a little mayonnaise.
  • Ost, Cheese. Try a very old cheese served with raw onions, eggyolks, and rum.


Danish beer is a treat for a beer enthusiast. The largest brewery, Carlsberg (which also owns the Tuborg brand), offers a few choices, as well as a delicious "Christmas beer" in the 6 weeks leading up to the holidays. Other tasty beverages include the aforementioned aquavit, gløgg, a hot wine drink popular in December. Danish beer is mostly limited to pilseners which are good, but not very diverse. However in the last few years Danes have become interested in a wider range of beers. During the Christmas season, Glögg, a hot spiced red wine with raisins and almonds is popular fare for warming up from the cold with a group of friends.

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Denmark


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