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Neue Donau

Neue Donau Am Kleehaufel, 1220 Wien
Vienna, Vienna area
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Get in Vienna

Most Austrian highways ("Autobahn") terminate/originate in Vienna. Unlike Germany, there is a strictly enforced speed limit of 130 km/h on highways. Within towns it is 50 km/h and on major roads, it is 100 km/h.

Also a Highway Toll Sticker (Vignette) is a must! Not having one can be really expensive. Usually they can be purchased at petrol stations.

Drivers in Austria are also required by law to carry certain safety equipment. This includes a reflective vest, first aid kit and traffic warning triangle

It is required to keep your headlights on at all times while driving in Austria.

Pedestrians have the right of way in crossing all roads at a crosswalk where there is no pedestrian signal present. If there is such a pedestrian crossing on an otherwise straight section of the road, there will be a warning sign - you are required to yield to any pedestrian on this crossing! Austrians accustomed to experienced local drivers will step out with little thought and force you to stop, so slow down here and be careful! When driving in a neighborhood this "right of way to pedestrians" is an understood rule at every intersection, although pedestrians will be more careful before they step out. Again, be on the lookout for this - if you see a pedestrian waiting to cross, you should stop at the intersection for him/her.

Parking is restricted to 90 minutes and subject to a fee of €0,80 per hour anywhere in the inner districts unless you are a resident. Payment is made by marking the time of arrival on a ticket ("Parkschein") which can be bought at tobacco shops. If you wish to leave your car in Vienna for the period of your stay, you must either book a hotel that offers parking or leave it at a commercial car park (Parkhaus, Parkgarage). These can be very expensive.

A cheaper alternative is park and ride, normally available at U Bahn stations in the city periphery, for example at U3 Erdberg station (€ 2,70 per day).

Avoid the A23 Südosttangente at rush hour. Traffic jams are almost guaranteed there.

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Vienna_%28city%29


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