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Lucko bb, Zagreb
Zagreb, Central Croatia
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How to Get in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a charming medieval city with architecture and cobbled streets reminiscent of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other Central-European capitals. In 2005 it was visited by over half a million tourists, mainly from Austria, Germany and Italy.

Almost all motorways (autocesta) in Croatia start or end in Zagreb. Travellers from Vienna can take the A2 which is completed up to Krapina. The Croatian part of this motorway is expected to be completed by 2008.

Travellers from Budapest and Varaždin can use the A4. The Croatian part of the motorway is finished. Hungarian portion is expected to be completed in 2007.

Travellers heading from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey can use the A3 to reach Zagreb. This motorway was completed in June 2006.

Travellers heading from Ljubljana can use the A3. However, the Slovenian portion of the motorway is still under construction.

Travellers heading from the Dalmatian coast or Montenegro can use the A1 motorway which was completed in 2004. Those heading from Dubrovnik should note that the section between Split and Ploče is under construction. It will be finished in 2008.

Those travelling to or from Rijeka and Istria can use the A6 - which will be completed in 2008 - and A1.

To use motorways in Croatia you must pay toll either in Croatian national currency - the kuna or in foreign currencies. There is also an option to pay using American Express, Diners, Master Card, Maestro or Visa cards. As of recently there is the so-called Hac Smart Card which can reduce the cost of travelling on the Croatian motorways. It is issued by Hrvatske Autoceste.

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Zagreb


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