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Camping Caravaning du Ried

Camping du Ried 67860 Boofzheim France
Strasbourg, Alsace
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Interesting Things to See in Strasbourg

The tourist office recommends a variety of walking tours through the town (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary) and bike tours through the faubourgs (Neudorf and Neuhof).

Water-bus tours are available near the Palais des Rohans (south of the cathedral). Those tours (about 45 min.) run around the town center and the European district.

  • Gothic cathedral, built between 1176 and 1439, with a 142 meter tower (the highest cathedral tower in France), near the cathedral, the Museum of the Cathedral's Works - a splendid museum of medievil reigious art.
  • Astrometric Clock in the cathedral
  • Maison Kammerzell (XVth century) (to the left of the front of the cathedral)
  • Petite France district (XIIth - XVIth century)
  • Palais des Rohans, french style palace, built after the acquisition of the town by the French (1681). Home to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Archeological Museum and the Museum of Applies Arts.
  • Stockfeld, garden city built in the early XXth century in the south-east of the Neuhof (southern part of the town) (bus line 24)
  • European district (bus lines 6, 30, 72) :
    • Council of Europe's seat (Le Palais de l'Europe) (1977), built by Henry Bernard
    • European Court of Human Rights (1995), built by Richard Rogers
    • European Parliament (1999), built by Architecture Studio
  • ARTE headquarters (if you like this TV station). 4, quai du Chanoine Winterer, F-67080 Strasbourg Cedex. Near to the European district.
  • B-line tramway terminus at Hoenheim (northern conurbation) (2001), built by the contemporary achitect Zaha Hadid.
  • Orangerie - a beautiful classical park
  • Republique Square - A central crossroad encircled by neoclassical public buildings
  • Alsactian Museum - an anthropological Museum
  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - recommended also because of the interesting building
  • Historical Museum - museum of Strasbourg's history
  • Zoological Museum

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Petite FranceImmeuble Louise Weiss of the European Parliament in StrasbourgThe European Court of Human Rights

Petite France

Petite France

Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Strasbourg


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