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Bonanza 1

Zeebruggelaan 137, 8370 Blankenberge
Blankenberge, Wallon Region
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Recreatiepark Klein Strand

Recreatiepark Klein Strand Varsenareweg 29, 8490 Jabbeke
Jabbeke, Wallon Region
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Camping de la Lesse

Camping de la Lesse rue du Camping 1 5560 Houyet - Belgie
Houyet, Wallon Region
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Life in Liège

The city is well-known for its very crowded folk festivals. The 15th of August festival ("Le 15 août") is maybe the best known. The population gathers in a quarter named Outre-Meuse with plenty of tiny pedestrian streets and old yards.

Many people come to see the procession but also to drink alcohol and beer, eat cabbage, sausages or pancakes or simply enjoy the atmosphere till very early in the morning. The Saint Nicholas festival around the 6th of December is organized by and for the students of the University; for 24 hours, the students (wearing very dirty lab-coats) are allowed to beg for money for drinking.

The nightlife in Liège is also very important. In the middle of the pedestrian zone, a squared quarter (100 m times 100 m - Le Carré) is full of very loud pubs which remain open till the last client leaves, i.e. around 6 a.m. Other areas include Place du Marché.

The city hosts also a significant jazz festival Jazz à Liège.

Liège also hosts the cycle race Liège-Bastogne-Liège—which is the oldest of the classic cycle races—in the spring. The route starts from the city of Liège, goes to the city of Bastogne and comes back to finish in the Liège suburb of Ans. The second half contains most of the climbs in the race, such as the Stockeu, Haute-Levée, La Redoute, Saint-Nicolas and the Col de Forges.

Liège has a very active art cinema (Le Churchill/Le Parc), and for those more into mainstream cinema the Kinepolis group has 2 megaplexes.

Liège also has a particular Walloon dialect, sometimes said to be one of Belgium's most distinctive. There is a large Italian community, and Italian can be heard in many places. Knowledge of other 'local' languages (German and Dutch) is usually rather poor, while English is more widely spoken.

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Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li%C3%A8ge_%28city%29


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Liège, the sunday

Liège, the sunday "Batte" market

Liège, the sunday

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li%C3%A8ge_%28city%29


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