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Neue Donau

Neue Donau Am Kleehaufel, 1220 Wien
Vienna, Vienna area
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Typical Food in Vienna

White wine; white beer; marzipan; Wiener schnitzel; Sacher torte (multilayered chocolate cake with apricot jam); Frittatensuppe (a clear chicken or beef broth with chives and thin crêpes shredded into noodles); and various foods from the area once controlled by the Austrian Empire such as Hungarian goulash and palacsinta (crépes filled with fruit or jam).

Make sure to pick up some Mozart Kugeln which is a delicious combination of marzipan and chocolate. Various brands exist but Mirabelle is regarded as the highest quality.

In Austria (as generally in Central Europe) even the cheapest supermarkets sell food of exceptionally high quality. Perhaps most remarkable for people visiting from outside of Europe is Austria's strong affinity for organically grown food.

You can buy organic products almost anywhere (look out for items labeled 'Bio'), and often at the same price as non-organic products. Futhermore, every product that claims to be organic is rigorously controlled by independant organizations.

Fast Food and Snacks

The traditional Viennese fast food is sausage. You can buy hot sausages and hot dogs at snack bars called "Würstelstand" all over the town. The famous Wiener Würstel is also known as the Frankfurter in Vienna, but most inhabitants prefer Burenwurst and Käsekrainer (sausage filled with cheese).

A relatively new addition to the local snack culture is Döner Kebap, sandwiches of Turkish origin with roasted meat, salad and yogurt sauce. Places that sell kebap often sell take-away pizza too. Some conservatives are afraid that kebap will gain more popularity than sausages, and perhaps they are right.

Good kebaps can be bought at the Naschmarkt; the lower end of the Naschmarkt (furthest away from Karlsplatz or city centre) is cheaper than the upper end. Another good place to find snacks (especialy whilegoing out) is "Schwedenplatz".

By far the cheapest way to get a fast food meal in Austria (and probably the only meal available for under 1 euro) is buying an Austrian sandwich (bread roll + ham/cheese + gherkin) from a supermarket. Most supermarkets will prepare sandwiches to take away at the deli counter (Feinkostabteilung) for no extra charge. You only pay for the bread and the ham. There is usually a large selection of meat products, cheese and bread rolls available. You point at the combination you want and then pay at the check out till. Freshness and quality are normally better than at a sandwich stand on the street.

You can find McDonalds everywhere in Vienna, the one on Mariahilferstraße (there are three of them in this street) closest to the Westbahnhof stinks. Only tourists who don't know that the next one is only a few hundred meters away will eat there. The McDonalds closest to the subway station, Alserstraße, is open nearly all night long.

For those who prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken, there is only one in Vienna - at the food court in the Millenium City Tower. The easiest way to get there is to take the U6, drop off at the station "Handelskai".

You can buy excellent ice cream at a number of places, maybe the most popular is the Eissalon am Schwedenplatz where you can choose from a lot of different flavours, but it's always crowded and you often have to stand in a queue for a few minutes to get your ice cream. Another, maybe less crowded, but nevertheless excellent address is Perizzolo in Tuchlauben. Another Famous Place for Ice Cream is Tichy on the Reumannplatz (10th District), which is famous for its Eismarillenknödel, small dumplings of vanilla ice cream with an apricot core.

There is also Zanoni & Zanoni located Am Lugeck, just down Rotenturmstrasse from the Stephansdom. You should also try Bortolotti at Mariahilfer Straße 22 and 94. (The latter not open during winter!) - ask particularily for the Campari-Orange Icecream or look for other exotic stuff.

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Vienna_%28city%29


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