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Bachersmindevej 13 2791 dragør
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
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What to Eat in Copenhagen

Try one of the many lunch restaurants. They serve tasty Danish food at reasonable prices. DKK 150-200 will get you a couple of dishes, wine or beer, and coffee. They are typically open from noon to 6 p.m., so go early for lunch or later if you plan to have a light dinner. Especially in December you should book well in advance.

  • Have a beer, or some herring, in the popular cafes along Nyhavn.
  • Buy a tasty sausage or hot dog at one of the many sausage stands (pølsevogn, pl. pølsevogne in Danish).


Brunch is a Copenhagen institution and most cafes will offer it at least on weekends for upwards of 80 kr.

  • Café Noakhali, Smallegade 22, 2000 Frederiksberg, 38 10 86 86. This cafe is in Frederiksberg and you need to take a few minutes ride with the "Metro" subway from the center of Copenhagen. There is a Bangladesh-like brunch from 11:00-14:00 for 101 DDK including te and juice.
  • Cafe Sommersko, Kronprinsensgade 6, 1114 Copenhagen K, in the center of Copenhagen has two brunch menus. "The big brunch" is english-like for 115 DKK and with no drinks included.


  • Taco Shop Mexican food, mostly take-away but has a few tables if you want to eat there. Located on Østerbro, Frederiksberg, and Indre By.

On a budget

  • There are several mediterranean-style buffet restaurants dotted around the inner city. Riz Raz is popular, with three locations and a huge vegetarian buffet for 70 kr. (Grilled meat can be ordered off the menu). The branch on St. Kannikestræde has an infallible ability to seat and feed groups of all sizes. Ankara on Krystalgade offers a buffet which includes meat as well as salads.
  • Bakeries in Copenhagen are numerous and excellent. Many offer ready-made sandwiches (around 35 kr) as well as coffee, bread rolls, and cakes (expect to pay 8-10 kr for Danish pastry, here known as 'Wienerbrød'), and several have at least limited counter seating.
  • You are never very far from your nearest shawarma/kebab/felafel joint in Copenhagen. The busy outlets on and around Strøget serve kebabs, salads and fries at good prices and lightning speed.
  • Taco Shop Mexican food, mostly take-away but has a few tables if you want to eat there. Located on Østerbro, Frederiksberg, and Indre By.
  • Many shops sell a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich called smørrebrød (literally, buttered bread). The sandwiches are small enough to take away and eat either with your hands or a fork and knife, and a wide range of ingredients are available, including some elaborate combinations for the more adventurous.
  • Every few blocks you will likely find a 7-11. These convenience stores carry a number of sandwiches, including the popular fransk hotdogs (French hot dogs), a hot dog inserted into a hollowed-out halved baguette and served with ketchup, mustard, or a mayonnaise-based fransk hotdog sauce (the latter being the most common). Occasionally, 7-11 will have promotional discounts on certain sandwiches, but be warned – these discount are most often only valid between 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening.
  • Look out for the term 'dagens ret' on signs and menus -- this means 'meal of the day' and often translates to a filling plate of hot food for a reasonable price.

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Copenhagen


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