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Nallikari Camping

Leiritie 10 FI- 90500 Oulu Finland
Oulu, Oulu area
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What to See and Do in Oulu

Rotuaari, from the french word 'trottoar', means pedestrian street, is a place for live entertainment mainly during summertime, but also at weekends all year round.

For lovers of garlic and masquarade parties the annual valkosipuliyö (garlic night) in the end of July is recommended and also happens on Rotuaari. Please notice also the international air guitar festival, which happens in the beginning of August.

Also to see is the science centre 'Tietomaa', which is the world's first science centre. Unfortunately a 'social invention' such as a science centre wasn't to be patented and the idea was copied all over the world.

For beach lions and other meoowing creatures Nallikari and sea resort Eden is highly recommended. Summer visit is preferred, but you can bathe outside all year round in Eden's cozy temperature of +26°C. A bones chilling dip in a freezing river of Oulu can also be made in a maauimala in Tuira, Oulu all year round. Merely familiar swimming halls for refreshment are located in Raksila and Raatti.

Quite close to Raatti swimming hall are the remaining ruins of the Castle of Oulu. Their café, Linnankahvila is open daily during summertime. It lies on the remaining premises of the Castle of Oulu after the explosion of gunpowder deposit (by a bulb of lightning) in the 18th century.

There is also a lot of remarkable architectural sights in Oulu.

  • Tietomaa
  • Ainola Park, a former University botanical garden
  • Rotuaari pedestrian street
  • The Market Square with the City Library, the City Theatre and old salt storehouses
  • Mannerheim Park
  • Hupisaaret
  • The F. M. Franzen memorial
  • The North-Ostrobothnia Museum
  • The Pateniemi Sawmill Museum
  • The Vehicle Museum
  • The Linnanmaa University Botanical Garden
  • The Oulu Art Museum
  • The Arctic Gallery
  • Technopolis, the technology village

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Oulu, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulu


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