Counties in Croatia

All campsites in Croatia in our Croatia camping directory are organized into following categories:

Central Croatia (North Centre)

Istria (North West)

Primorje Gorski Kotar (Central West)

Slavonia (South Centre)

Dalmatia (South Centre)

Karlovac (South East)

Shibenik Knin (Central)

Split Dalmatia (Central)

Dubrovnik Neretva (South East)

Lika Senj (South East)

Sisak Moslavina (Central)


Campings in Croatia

Explore unexplored Croatia camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in Croatia. If you want to get more information about camping Croatia, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping Croatia will be now easier.

Family camp Heart of Nature ***

Family camp Heart of nature Gorica Lipnička 8 47272 Ribnik CROATIA
Ribnik, Karlovac
  more information


Nikole Tesle 1
Punat, Primorje Gorski Kotar
  more information


Šetalište kneza Domagoja 50
Orebic, Dubrovnik Neretva
  more information

A/C Lopari

Nerezine bb
Mali Losinj, Primorje Gorski Kotar
  more information


Mlaska Sućuraj,21469 Island Hvar
Hvar, Dalmatia
  more information


Dalmacija-Camp Ivana Pavla II 40 HR-23233 Privlaka Croatia
Zadar, Dalmatia
  more information

Robinzon kamp "Vrela Mrežnica"

Donje Primišlje bb
Slunj, Karlovac
  more information

camp site Kupari

auto kamp Kupari Kupari bb 20207 mlini Croatia Europe
Kupari, Dubrovnik Neretva
  more information

A/C Rapoća

Nerezine bb
Mali Losinj, Primorje Gorski Kotar
  more information


UNAKAMP Drenova Glavica 77240 Bosanska Krupa Bosnia-Herzegowina
Bosanska Krupa / Bosnia Herzegowina, Central Croatia
  more information

Camp Klenovica

Zidinice, 51252 Klenovica
Klenovica, Primorje Gorski Kotar
  more information


Baske Ostarije 5A
Baske Ostarije, Lika Senj
  more information

Camping Village Šimuni

Šimuni bb 23251 Kolan Island of Pag Croatia
Zadar, Dalmatia
  more information

camp KRKA

NP Krka, Lozovac-Skradin
Lozovac Np Krka, Shibenik Knin
  more information

Camping Seget

Kamp "Seget" Hrvatskih žrtava 121 21218 Seget Donji-TROGIR
Trogir, Dalmatia
  more information

Camping Vestar

Vestar bb, 52210 Rovinj
Rovinj, Istria
  more information

Koversada Naturist Camping Park

Koversada, 52450 Vrsar
Vrsar, Istria
  more information

Camping Porto Sole

Petalon bb, 52450 Vrsar
Vrsar, Istria
  more information

Camping Valkanela

Valkanela bb, 52450 Vrsar
Vrsar, Istria
  more information

Camping Polari

Polari bb, HR - 52210 Rovinj
Rovinj, Istria
  more information


Travel Tips & Guides Croatia

About Croatia

Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska) is a country in Southern Europe on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy. It is surrounded by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, Serbia in the northeast and Montenegro in the south east.  read more...

History of Varaždin

The first written reference to Varaždin was in 1181, when King Bela III mentioned the nearby thermal springs (Varaždinske Toplice) in a legal document.  read more...

What to See in Varaždin

Varaždin, with its unique monuments and artistic heritage, represents the best preserved and richest urban complex in continental Croatia.  read more...

How to Get in Varaždin

Varaždin is one of the most important tourist centers of northern Croatia. The old town fortification, the central part of the town, numerous museums, galleries and collections as well as the Varaždin cemetery, protected as a horticultural monument, represent the main tourist attractions of this Central European Baroque town and ancient Croatian capital.  read more...

History of Split

Although the beginnings of Split are usually linked to the building of Diocletian's Palace, there is evidence that this area was inhabited as a Greek colony even earlier. The area's urban tradition is, thus, many thousands of years old, not least due to the proximity of Salona, the capitol of the entire Dalmatia province during the time of the Roman Empire.  read more...

Get Out of Split

A day trip by boat to Hvar is well worth the effort. Boats leave five times a day in peak season (July–August), three times a day outside this period (a single trip cost about 38kn).  read more...

What to Eat in Split

For those tourists lacking an adventurous soul, the city of Split possesses a McDonalds. However, it is completely and effortlessly outclassed by a host of old family run restaurants, bars and cafes ranging from the sophisticated to the quaint and rustic.  read more...

History of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was founded by joining two small towns: Laus, a town on a small island off the southern Dalmatian coast, which provided shelter for the Greek and Latin refugees called Italics from the nearby city of Epidaurum today's Cavtat; and Dubrava, a settlement of Slavic immigrants at the foot of the forested Srđ hill.  read more...

Typical Drink in Dubrovnik

The most popular hard alcohol in Croatia is home made rakija. This is a very strong distilled drink made from a variety of fruits. Examples include sljivovica (made from plums), "loza" (made from grapes), and "orahovica" (made with walnuts). All are quite strong and, like most hard liquors, are have an unappealing taste to some people while others find them quite enjoyable.  read more...

What to Do in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik was based on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages, as the Republic of Ragusa, it became the only eastern Adriatic city-state to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries. Dubrovnik was one of the centers of the development of the Croatian language and literature, home to many notable poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars.  read more...

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