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All campsites in Czech Republic in our Czech Republic camping directory are organized into following categories:

Carlsbad (Central West)

Karlovy Vary Region (North West)

Olomouc Region (North East)

Prague area (Central)

Ústí nad Labem Region (North West)

Central Bohemian Region (Central)

Liberec Region (North Centre)

Pardubice Region (North Centre)

South Bohemian Region (South Centre)

Vysočina Region (Central East)

Hradec Králové Region (North Centre)

Moravian-Silesian Region (North East)

Plzeň Region (South West)

South Moravian Region (South East)

Zlín Region  (South East)


Campings in Czech Republic

Explore unexplored Czech Republic camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in Czech Republic. If you want to get more information about camping Czech Republic, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping Czech Republic will be now easier.

Stellplatz Rozkoš

Stellplatz Rozkoš, Přehrada Rozkoš u hráze Coordinates GPS: 50° 21' 52'' N 16° 03' 34" E
Náchod, Hradec Králové Region
  more information

Camping Amerika

Jezerní 151/8A 35101 Františkovy Lázně
Františkovy Lázně, Carlsbad
  more information

Camp Dzban Prague

Nad Lávkou 5 160 00 Prague 6
Prague, Prague area
  more information

Autocamp Cakle

Staré Oldřichovice 134 Ústí nad Orlicí 562 01
Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubice Region
  more information

Autocamp Jindřiš

Jindřiš 15 377 01 Jindřichův Hradec Czech Republic
Jindřiš, South Bohemian Region
  more information

Holiday Park Liščí Farma

Dolní Branna 350 543 62 Vrchlabí
Vrchlabí, Hradec Králové Region
  more information

kemp a penzion Bystricka

Pod Hrazi 75624 Bystricka
Bystricka okres Vsetin, Zlín Region
  more information

kemp a penzion Bystricka

Pod Hrazi 75624 Bystricka
Bystricka okres Vsetin, Zlín Region
  more information

HG SportCamp Troja

Vodacka 136/n
Prague, Prague area
  more information

Autocamp Pod Císařem

Ostrov 10 Tisá CZ-40336
Tisá, Ústí nad Labem Region
  more information

Camping Frymburk

Frymburk 20/55 382 79
Frymburk, South Bohemian Region
  more information

Camping Bucek

Trtice 170 271 01 Nové Strašecí
Nové Strašecí, Prague area
  more information


Ustecka str. 184 00 - Praha 8 Dolni Chabry
Prague, Prague area
  more information

Kemp Jerlochovice

Jerlochovice 115, Fulnek - Jerlochovice 742 45
Fulnek, Moravian-Silesian Region
  more information

Camping Hana

Dlouha 135, 664 71 Veverská Bitýška
Veverská Bitýška, South Moravian Region
  more information

camping kovarna

394 46 Cervena recice
Červená Řečice, Vysočina Region
  more information

Camping Triocamp Praha - TOP in PRAGUE

Ustecka, 184 00 Prague
Prague, Prague area
  more information

Areál Dolce

Oblanov 37, 541 01 Trutnov
Trutnov, Hradec Králové Region
  more information

U Kavalíra

Pod Čihadlem, 285 06 Sázava
Sázava, Central Bohemian Region
  more information

Autocamping Rozkoš

Třída T. G. Masaryka 836, 552 03 Česká Skalice
Náchod, Hradec Králové Region
  more information


Travel Tips & Guides Czech Republic

About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small landlocked country in Central Europe, situated south-east of Germany and bordering with Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia (with which it used to form one country of Czechoslovakia) to the south-east.   read more...

History of Olomouc

Olomouc is said to occupy a site of a Roman fort founded in the imperial period, the original name of which, Mons Julii, would have been gradually corrupted to the present form. Though this is just a legend, archaeological excavations revealed remains of a Roman military camp from the time of Marcoman Wars here.  read more...

What to Eat and Drink in Olomouc

There are simply tons of excellent restaurants in the city, and most will have English menus. Three favorites include Cafe Caesar, which is located in the Neo-renaissance Town Hall Building on the main square.  read more...

What to Do in Olomouc

Olomouc lies in the etnographical region Haná. The region features a lot of rivers and fertile soil and was colonized already in the prehistoric period.  read more...

What to See in Olomouc

Olomouc is an exploring sightseer's paradise. A good base camp is the main square, which is difficult to miss with its huge Town Hall and the Holy Trinity Column (the largest column in Europe), which was enscribed on the "UNESCO World Heritage List" in 2000.  read more...

What to Eat and Drink in Český Krumlov

There are no bad places to eat in Český Krumlov, but some are better than others. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from the tourist restaurants that charge more than 40 crowns for a half-liter of beer.  read more...

What to Do in Český Krumlov

Egon Schiele Centrum. Egon Schiele, one of the world’s most famous artists, was a contemporary of Gustav Klimt. He set up his easel for a short time in Český Krumlov, painting the tortured landscapes of his famous Dead Town series, and young girls in compromising poses.  read more...

What to See in Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a fairly large town (cca. 15 000 inhabitants) located in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The historical center, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992, is notable for its well-preserved Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.  read more...

What to see in České Budějovice

The town was founded by Hirzo, a knight of King Přemysl Otakar II of Bohemia, and was granted its charter as a city in 1265. Until the mass expulsion of 1945 Budweis had a significant German minority (ca 15,5 % in 1930).  read more...

Beer in České Budějovice

České Budějovice has long been well known for the fine beer brewed here since the 13th century. For a time the town was the royal brewery for the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and beer from Budweis (the German name for České Budějovice), or "Budweiser Beer", attained fame. Beer brewing remains a major industry here.  read more...

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