Counties in Denmark

All campsites in Denmark in our Denmark camping directory are organized into following categories:

Frederiksborg (South East)

Midtjylland (Central)

Ribe (South Centre)

South Jutland (South Centre)

Funen (South Centre)

Nordjylland (North West)

Ringkjobing (South Centre)

Syddanmark  (South West)

Hovedstaden (Central East)

North Jutland (South Centre)

Sjælland (South East)

West Zealand (South East)


Campings in Denmark

Explore unexplored Denmark camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in Denmark. If you want to get more information about camping Denmark, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping Denmark will be now easier.

Bøsøre Strand Feriepark

Bøsørevej 16, 5874 Hesselager Denmark
Bøsøre, Funen
  more information

Guldager Camping

Bondagervej 67, 9493 Saltum, Jammerbugt, Nordjylland
Saltum, Nordjylland
  more information

Randbøldal Camping

Randbøldal Camping Dalen 9 DK 7183 Randbøl
Randbøldal Camping , North Jutland
  more information

Holme Å Camping

Holme Å Camping Torpet 6 6682 Hovborg DK
Billund, Hovborg, Syddanmark
  more information

Copenhagen Camping

Bachersmindevej 13 2791 dragør
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
  more information

Hjarbaek Fjord camping

Hulager 2 8831 Loegstrup
Viborg, Midtjylland
  more information

Krakær Camping

Gl. Kærvej 18, DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Aarhus, Midtjylland
  more information

Sindal Camping

Hjørringvej 125, 9870 Sindal, Denmark GPS coordinates: 57 28 07 N - 10 10 70 E
Sindal, Nordjylland
  more information

Sønderby Strand Camping

Sønderbygade 4, Kegnæs, 6470 Sydals
Sydals, South Jutland
  more information

Bjerregaard Camping

Sønder Klitvej 185, Bjerregaard, 6960 Hvide Sande
Hvide Sande, Ringkjobing
  more information

Diernæs Camping

Bjerregaardsvej 1 Diernæs 5600 Faaborg
Faaborg, Syddanmark
  more information

Svinkløv Camping

Svinkløvvej 541, 9690 Fjerritslev
Fjerritslev, North Jutland
  more information

Bøjden Strandcamping

Bøjden Landevej 12, 5600 Faaborg
Faaborg, Syddanmark
  more information

Undinegårdens Camping

Undinevej 3, Ganløse, 3660 Stenløse
Stenløse, Frederiksborg
  more information

Nyborg Strandcamping

Hjejlevej 99, 5800 Nyborg
Nyborg, Funen
  more information

Hedebo Strand Camping

Frederikshavnsvej 108, 9300 Sæby
Sæby, North Jutland
  more information

Nymindegab Familie Camping

Lyngtoften 12, 6830 Nebel
Nebel, Ribe
  more information

Ringkoebing Camping

Vellingvej 56, 6950 Ringkoebing
Ringkoebing, Ringkjobing
  more information

Vesterlyng Camping

Ravnholtvej 3, Havnsø, 4591 Føllenslev
Føllenslev, West Zealand
  more information

Reersoe Camping

Skansevej 2, Reersoe, 4281 Goerlev
Goerlev, West Zealand
  more information


Travel Tips & Guides Denmark

About Denmark

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. Part of it, Jutland, lies on a peninsula north of Germany while a number of islands, including two major ones, Zealand and Funen, are spread across the Baltic Sea between Jutland and Sweden. Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. However, the country has opted out of European Union's Maastricht Treaty, the European monetary system (EMU), and issues concerning certain internal affairs.   read more...

What to Eat and Drink in Aalborg

There are several restaurants in Jomfru Ane street. In the city there are around 300 restaurants.  read more...

What to See in Aalborg

The old castle Aalborghus Castle (Aalborghus Slot) and some picturesque houses of the 17th century remain in the center of the town.  read more...

History of Aalborg

Aalborg traces its history back over 1000 years. It was originally settled as a trading post, because of its position on the Limfjord. The sites of what were two settlements and a visible burial ground can be seen on Lindholm Høje, a hill overlooking the city.  read more...

History of Odense

Odense (from Odins Vi, i.e. "Odin's Sanctuary", referring to Odin of Denmark's indigenous Norse mythology), is one of the oldest cities of Denmark and had its 1000th anniversary in 1988.  read more...

What to See in Odense

Odense is located at the Funen island. The first reference to the city dates back in 988 in a letter of the German kaiser Otto III, although some archeological finds indicate the settlement has been around since the Viking time.  read more...

History of Copenhagen

Copenhagen was founded around year 1000 by Sweyn I Forkbeard (Svend Tveskæg) and his son Canute the Great (Knud den Store). It was only a fishing village by the name of "Havn" (harbour) until the middle of the 12th century when it grew in importance after coming into the possession of the Bishop Absalon, who fortified it in 1167.  read more...

What to Drink in Copenhagen

The main tourist area is around Nyhavn while another popular area with many cafes and restaurants is around the old University.  read more...

What to Eat in Copenhagen

Try one of the many lunch restaurants. They serve tasty Danish food at reasonable prices. DKK 150-200 will get you a couple of dishes, wine or beer, and coffee. They are typically open from noon to 6 p.m., so go early for lunch or later if you plan to have a light dinner. Especially in December you should book well in advance.  read more...

What to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of Europe's most enjoyable cities. Situated on the Oresund (Danish: Øresund) strait, with Sweden just minutes away by train, it is a link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia, and has a wealth of cultural and entertaining things to see and do.  read more...

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