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Rastila Camping

Rastila Camping Karavaanikatu 4, 00980 Helsinki
Helsinki, Southern Finland
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Mukkula Camping

Mukkula Camping Ritaniemenkatu 10
Lahti, Southern Finland
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Karhintie 196 11130 Riihimäki
Riihimäki, Southern Finland
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Travel Tips & Guides Southern Finland, Finland

Where to Eat and Drink in Lappeenranta

Many pizzerias, fast food places and ethnic restaurants are available in the city.  read more...

What to Do in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta is known as a summer city, mostly due to its closeness to the lake Saimaa. In addition, its inland location means that summers tend to be warmer and winters colder than in the shore parts of the country.  read more...

What to See in Lappeenranta

City of Lappeenranta (population 60.000) is the economic and cultural center of southeast Finland situated at the southern edge of the Saimaa, the largest lake (system) of Finland.  read more...

History of Helsinki

Founded in 1550 as a rival to the Hanseatic city of Reval (today: Tallinn) by King Gustav I of Sweden, the town of Helsingfors struggled in its infancy.  read more...

What to Drink in Helsinki

Helsinki has plenty of hip places for a drink, but they are uniformly expensive. If intent on getting plastered, follow the Finns and drink up a good "base" at home or hotel before going out on town.  read more...

What to Eat in Helsinki

Helsinki has by far the best cosmopolitan restaurants in Finland, and is a good place to escape the usual diet of meat and potatoes... if you can foot the bill, that is.  read more...

What to Do in Helsinki

Helsinki is by far Finland's most cosmopolitan city and, while no London or New York, there is a fairly good selection of people from all around the world.  read more...

What to See in Helsinki

Surrounded by sea and a vast archipelago, Helsinki is at its best in the summer when the dialogue between the city and nature is at its fullest.  read more...


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