Counties in France

All campsites in France in our France camping directory are organized into following categories:

Alsace (North East)

Basse Normandie (North West)

Centre (Central)

Franche-Comté (Central East)

Languedoc Roussillon (South Centre)

Midi-Pyrénées (South Centre)

Picardie (North Centre)

Provence-Alpes-Côte D'Azur (South East)

Aquitaine (South West)

Bourgogne (Central East)

Champagne Ardenne (North East)

Haute Normandie (North West)

Limousin (Central)

Nord-Pas-de-Calais (North Centre)

Poitou-Charentes (Central West)

Rhône-Alpes (Central East)

Auvergne (Central)

Bretagne (Central East)

Corse (Central East)

Ile-de-France (North Centre)

Lorraine (North East)

Pays-de-la-Loire (Central West)

Provence Alpes Cote (South East)


Campings in France

Explore unexplored France camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in France. If you want to get more information about camping France, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping France will be now easier.

Camping La Samaritaine

3 Allée des Etangs, 08240 Buzancy
Buzancy, Champagne Ardenne
  more information

Camping Le Calatrin

799 rue de la morgerie
Paladru, Rhône-Alpes
  more information

Camping La Bucaille

La Bucaille 50250
Montgardon, Basse Normandie
  more information

Les Boucles de la Moselle

7 avenue Eugene Lerebourg F-54460 LIVERDUN Lorraine, France
Nancy, Lorraine
  more information

Campéole Penn Mar

21 route de Port Blanc
Baden, Bretagne
  more information

Castel Camping Séquoia Parc

St Just Luzac, Poitou-Charentes
  more information

Camping le Pressoir

29 Queyrai (33570)
Petit-Palais-et-Cornemps, Aquitaine
  more information

Campéole les Sirènes

Avenue des Demoiselles
Saint Jean De Monts, Pays-de-la-Loire
  more information

Camping Campéole Les Tourterelles

Saint Girons Plage 40560 Vielle Saint Girons
Vielle Saint Girons, Aquitaine
  more information

Campéole la Grande Côte

route de la Grande Côte
La Barre de Monts, Pays-de-la-Loire
  more information

Campéole MEDOC PLAGE Montalivet

Avenue de l'Europe
Vendays Montalivet, Aquitaine
  more information


Biscarrosse, Aquitaine
  more information


18 route de la tonnelle 85160 ST JEAN DE MONTS VENDEE FRANCE
Saint Jean De Monts, Pays-de-la-Loire
  more information


Biscarrosse, Aquitaine
  more information

Camping des Barolles

88 avenue Maréchal Foch 69230 St Genis Laval
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes
  more information

Camping le Bouquier

1330 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
Caromb, Provence-Alpes-Côte D'Azur
  more information

Mini-camping à la ferme bio Plessière

Plessière 03350 THENEUILLE
Allier, between Moulins and Montluçon, Auvergne
  more information

Le Lys Blanc

chemin des Jardins "Chez Mouchet" 17120 SEMUSSAC
SEMUSSAC, Poitou-Charentes
  more information

camping"les garennes de la mer"

12 route de luneray 76740 le Bourg Dun
Rouen, Haute Normandie
  more information

Au Bois Joli *** charmecamping

route de Villeprenoy 89480 Andryes Burgundy
Andryes, Bourgogne
  more information


Travel Tips & Guides France

History of Nice

There were settlements in the Nice area approximately 400,000 years ago: the site of Terra Amata shows one of the earliest uses of fire and construction of houses.  read more...

What to Do in Nice

If you go to Nice for bathing or generally lounging on the beach, you may wish to think again. The beaches of Nice consist entirely of gravel and rocks - much nicer beaches exist in other cities around the Mediterranean (Villefranche-sur-Mer or Cannes are way more sandy, though). A few private beaches have added a layer of sand, but the free public beaches are a stony experience.   read more...

Get Around Nice

Best access is by car from the A8 autoroute. The airport is well signed from the A8 and the A8 well signed from the airport. Just make sure that you know which direction you need to go when getting on the A8 and which terminal when leaving. Especially in the morning and evening rush hour do allow extra time to deal with accidents and traffic jams. The A8 has a ferocious bend just by the airport and accidents are frequent.  read more...

History of Marseille

Marseille was founded in 600 BC by Greeks from Phocaea as a trading port under the name Massalia. Massalia was the first Greek port in Western Europe, growing to a population of over 1000. It was the first settlement given city status in France.  read more...

Typical Food of Marseille

La bouillabaisse is an excellent fish-based soup served with la rouille (a garlic-saffron sauce) and bread similar to crostini. La bouillabaisse cannot be enjoyed at any budgetary level. If you are invited to the home of someone making bouillabaisse, then you are in the clear. Never eat cheap bouillabaisse at a resto unless it's not called bouillabaisse; only eat it out if you have to reserve in advance. Bouillabaisse is a meal...first the soup, the then fish.  read more...

Monuments in Marseille

Le Vieux Port (old harbour): watching fishermen selling their stock by auction is a must. Arriving to Marseille in the Vieux-Port on a summer evening is something you will never forget... You can watch this show by going to Frioul islands or Chateau d'If and going back late in the afternoon. there is also a nice view on the harbor from the Palais du Pharo (Pharo casttle). The famous Canebière avenue go straight down the harbor. However the Canebière is not that intersting despite its reputation.   read more...

How to Get in Marseille

Marseille is the second-largest city of France and forms the third-largest metropolitan area, with 1,516,340 inhabitants at the 1999 census (only Paris and Lyon are larger). Located in the former province of Provence and on the Mediterranean Sea, it is France's largest commercial port. It is considered the Provençal capital, one of the Occitan capitals of Occitania, and the most populated, and France. Marseille is also the capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur région, as well as the préfecture (capital) of the Bouches-du-Rhône département.  read more...

Know More About Marseille

Marseille (Latin: Massilia) is the third largest city of France and the economic center of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.   read more...

What to See in Lyon

Lyon has many monuments and museums. Compared to cities such as Paris, the museums may be a disappointment.   read more...

History of Lyon

Lyon was founded as a Roman colony in 43 BCE by Munatius Plancus, a lieutenant of Caesar, on the site of a Gaulish hill-fort settlement called Lug[o]dunon—from the Celtic sun god Lugus ('Light', cognate to Old Irish Lugh, Modern Irish Lú) and dúnon (hill-fort). The name was latinised as Lugdunum; Lug was equated by the Romans to Mercurius. Lug's 'totem' was a cockerel (rooster), hence the Modern French association with 'le coq'.  read more...

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