Counties in Italy

All campsites in Italy in our Italy camping directory are organized into following categories:

Abruzzo (Central East)

Basilicata (South Centre)

Emilia-Romagna (North Centre)

Lazio (Central West)

Lombardy (North West)

Molise (Central)

Puglia (South East)

Trentino-Alto Adige (North East)

Umbria (Central)

Aosta Valley (North West)

Calabria (South Centre)

Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Central)

Liguria (North West)

Marche (Central East)

Piedmont (North West)

Sardinia (South West)

Trentino South Tyrol (North West)

Veneto (North East)

Apulia (Central East)

Campania (South West)

Latium (Central)

Lombardia (North Centre)

Marches (North Centre)

Piemonte (North West)

Sicily (South West)

Tuscany (Central)


Campings in Italy

Explore unexplored Italy camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in Italy. If you want to get more information about camping Italy, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping Italy will be now easier.

Villaggio Turistico Europeo

Viale Kennedy 91
Catania, Sicily
  more information

Camping Village Tesonis

Loc. Tesonis\Capo Sferracavallo 1E, 08047
Tertenia, Sardinia
  more information


Via della trappola 181 58100 Marina di Grosseto (Gr)
Grosseto, Tuscany
  more information

camping Villaggio Italgest

Via Martiri Di Cefalonia, 06063 Sant'Arcangelo, Magione (PG) Lago Trasimeno - Italy
Magione, Umbria
  more information

area camper venere

Il campeggio - Area Camper "Venere" E situato in contrada Granelli (Pachino) attaccato direttamente al mare, la spiaggia adibita ai Campeggiatori E Molto bella e dorata e sopratutto pulitissima. Il campeggio E dotato di Tutte le Caratteristiche Ideali per potervi trascorrere Un soggiorno da sogno. Vi Sono costruiti villetta con massimo 6 posti letto, con veranda Ampia e Servizi per diversamente abili. Le Nostre piazzole Sono di 60/120/200 mq Molto accoglienti e spaziose.
Siracusa, Sicily
  more information

Camping Porticciolo

Via del Porticciolo
Bracciano, Lazio
  more information


Castelvetrano, Sicily
  more information

Camping Pemont

via pemont 521a Livigno
Livigno, Lombardia
  more information

La Valletta Sosta Verde

Via Della Lama, 47 47922 Rimini Italy
Rimini, Emilia-Romagna
  more information

Camping-Park Steiner Südtirol

Kennedystr. 32
Laives - Leifers, Trentino South Tyrol
  more information

Dolomiti Camping Village

via Gole 105 Dimaro, Trentino Alto-Adige / Südtirol
Dimaro, Trentino-Alto Adige
  more information

Ai Ciuvin Agriturismo e Camping

str. Manzotti3, Castiglione Tinella (cn)
Castiglione Tinella, Piemonte
  more information


Via Orlanda, 16 30173 CAMPALTO VENEZIA
Venice, Veneto
  more information

Villaggio La Torre

Palazzolo Acreide
Siracusa, Sicily
  more information

Camping Kiefernhain

, 39026 Prato Allo Stelvio (bz)
Prato Allo Stelvio, Trentino South Tyrol
  more information

Camping Sägemühle

, 39026 Prato Allo Stelvio (bz)
Prato Allo Stelvio, Trentino South Tyrol
  more information

Camping Vahrner See

Vahrner See Weg 6 I-39040 Vahrn
Varna, Trentino South Tyrol
  more information

Campeggio "Lago di Varna"

Via lago di Varna 6 I-39040 Varna/Bressanone
Bressanone, Trentino-Alto Adige
  more information

Camping Lake "Vahrner See"

Vahrner See Weg 6 I-39040 Vahrn
Bressanone, Trentino-Alto Adige
  more information

Camping Bucaneve

Via Secchia e Bicchiere, 102 51021 Abetone
Abetone, Tuscany
  more information


Travel Tips & Guides Italy

Get In and Around Padua

Padova (English: Padua, French: Padoue, Latin: Patavium) is a city in North Eastern Italy. It is located centrally in the Veneto region, between Venezia on one side and Vicenza and Verona on the other. It counts 210,821 inhabitants (2001), about 350,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area and it's the capital of the province of the same name.  read more...

What to See in Brescia

Brescia (Lombard: Breha) is a city in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy, between the Mella and the Naviglio, with a population of around 190,000. It is the second largest city in Lombardy, after the capital Milan. The city is the administrative capital of the Province of Brescia, one of the largest in Italy, with about 1,200,000 inhabitants. The ancient city of Brixia, Brescia has been an important regional centre since pre-Roman times and a number of Roman and medieval monuments are preserved, among which is the prominent castle.  read more...

Get In and Around Bolzano

Bozen/Bolzano is born because it is on the crossroad between Northern and Southern Europe. Bozen/Bolzano is well-connected, possessing a small international airport and forming a major hub of the railway system in Central Alps.  read more...

Characteristics of Bolzano

Bolzano in Italian or Bozen in German (and also Balsan or Bulsan in Ladin) is the capital city of South Tyrol, the most German region in the northern part of Italy.  read more...

History of Bari

Barion (Latin Barium), in the region of the Peuceti, does not seem to have been a place of great importance in Magna Graecia; only bronze coins struck by it have been found. Once it passed under Roman rule in the third century BC, it developed strategic significance as the point of junction between the coast road and the Via Traiana; a branch road to Tarentum led from Barium. Its harbour, mentioned as early as 181 BC, was probably the principal one of the district in ancient times, as it is at present, and was the centre of a fishery.  read more...

What to See in Bari

Bari is the capital of the province of Bari and of the Apulia (or Puglia) region, on the Adriatic sea, in Italy. It is the second economic centre of southern Italy and is well known as a port and university city, as well as the city of Saint Nicolas of Bari, the original of Santa Claus. The city itself has a decreasing population of 328,458 (2001) over 116 km², while the fast-growing urban area counts 700.000 inhabitants over 203 km². Another 500.000 people live in the metro area.  read more...

Get In and Around Turin

Turin (Italian: Torino), a large city of about one million inhabitants, is set in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, a one-hour drive from the French border and slightly more than that from the Mediterranean sea.  read more...

Food and Drink in Turin

Turin is the birth place of solid chocolate. It was in Turin that, at the end of the 18th century, Mr Doret invented a revolutionary machine that could make solid chocolate (as opposed to drinking chocolate).  read more...

Main Attractions of Turin

Turin's main attractions include important baroque palaces and churches, a regular and attractive street grid, an extensive network of arcades, famous coffeeshops and a number of world-renowned museums.  read more...

History of Verona

Verona, or Veronia, was a city of the Euganei, who were obliged to cede it to the Cenomani (550 BC). With the conquest of the Valley of the Po the Veronese territory became Roman (about 300 BC). Verona became a Roman colonia in 89 BC, and then a municipium in 49 BC; Verona had the franchise in 59.  read more...

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