Counties in Slovakia

All campsites in Slovakia in our Slovakia camping directory are organized into following categories:

Banská Bystrica Region (Central)

Prešov Region (Central)

Košice Region (Central East)

Zilina (North West)

Nitra Region (South West)


Campings in Slovakia

Explore unexplored Slovakia camping. Have a look below and find selected family campings in Slovakia. If you want to get more information about camping Slovakia, just click on the camping name. To browse european campings by country, please use a menu on the left hand side. For your convenience, we organized all campings in europe by country, county and city. Looking for your camping Slovakia will be now easier.

Stellplaz Čilistov

Šamorín - Čilistov 93101 Šamorín
Západné Slovensko, Nitra Region
  more information


Tibor Oštrom Pokoradzká 5 97901 Rimavská Sobota
Rimavská Sobota, Teplý Vrch, Košice Region
  more information


Muzla 453 94352 Muzla (Sturovo) Slovakia
Mužla, Nitra Region
  more information


Duchenec 163 Cerovo
Duchenec-Cerovo, Banská Bystrica Region
  more information

Sedliacky Dvor/Farmers Court

Hlinik 7
Brezno, Banská Bystrica Region
  more information

Camping Sedliacky dvor

Hliník 7, 977 01 Brezno
Brezno, Banská Bystrica Region
  more information


Ormet Teplý Vrch
Teplý Vrch, Banská Bystrica Region
  more information

Mara Camping - ATC Liptovsky Trnovec

Liptovsky Trnovec 032 22
Liptovsky Mikulas, Zilina
  more information

ATC Blatnica

Autocamping Blatnica Pod Záhorím 038 15 Blatnica
Blatnica, Zilina
  more information

Autocamping Varin

Dr. J . Tisu, 013 03 Varin
Varin, Zilina
  more information

Camping Dunajec

Červený Kláštor 059 06
Červený Kláštor, Prešov Region
  more information

Salaš Barca

Alejova 24, Kosice 04 004
Košice, Košice Region
  more information


Čaňa, 044 14
Čaňa, Košice Region
  more information

Košické Hámre

Košické Hámre, 044 65
Košická Belá, Košice Region
  more information


Jasov 134, 044 23
Jasov, Košice Region
  more information


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About Slovakia

Slovakia (also known as the Slovak Republic, but there's no need to use this term - apart from official documents - unlike the term Czech Republic, in Slovak: Slovensko) is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Austria to the west, Czech Republic to the north west, Hungary to the south, Poland to the north and Ukraine to the east. With numerous medieval towns, high mountains, caves and a lively capital city, there's probably something for every traveller to enjoy in Slovakia. Slovakia is said to be the country with the highest number of fortified castles per capita in the whole world.   read more...


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