Caravan Show 2022

Caravan Show 2022

The caravan show is the best way to see and especially to feel all the caravans. If you’re buying a camper van, it’s a good idea to check out the bed length or shower size. Caravan dealers don’t usually stock all models, so you won’t really know about your options. You certainly won’t see a fraction of the caravans at a smaller show like the one in Brno that you would see at a big show somewhere abroad.

So the best thing to do is to go to one of the big shows and see everything you might be interested in live. We’ve been going to caravan shows since 2014 when we first went to see the caravans available. We also went to the show in 2015 and then bought our first Knaus caravan after the show.

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Where do we go to the caravan show?

I write more about caravan shows in this article. As we prefer to go on holiday to Italy rather than Germany, for us the choice of caravan show location is quite clear. Every year, around mid-September, there is a huge caravan fair in Parma. Last year it was a bit smaller though, as many exhibitors or brands didn’t come to the show for corona reasons. Even so, there were 3 full pavilions of vendors and brands, so we had our fun taken care of.

What does it look like at a caravan show?

At the show you can see all the big brands of motorhomes, trailers, vans as well as caravan and camping accessories.

Aside from the fact that there is an exhibition in Parma they have some pretty good ham, cheese and wine. So if you go to the show with someone who isn’t interested in those caravans 7 days a week, they can easily stay in the gastro section of the fairgrounds for days on end.

The whole parking lot in front of the exhibition turns into one big “camping site”, where visitors’ caravans are parked for the whole week as well. So if you come in your own or rented caravan, you also have a service point for filling and draining water and toilets, food, wine or beer stalls.

Where to park my caravan at the caravan show?

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