Five must-have accessories for the caravan

Five must-have accessories for the caravan

What should you be sure to fit to your new caravan? That’s a pretty tough question. Every caravanner is different, travels differently and has different requirements. However, I’ll tell you what I would definitely fit first if we bought a new caravan or van again.

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I will definitely fit these accessories on every caravan

  1. SOG. It’s a convenience I can’t imagine a toilet in a caravan without. The toilet doesn’t stink, I can pour it out anytime and I don’t have to worry about buying or refilling chemicals.
  2. Solar panel. Keeps your batteries charged all the time. Even when we come in after a weekend skiing, I don’t have to worry about them. By the next weekend, they will definitely be recharged with the solar panels. I can also leave the fridge running without a problem. The solar panel will tighten it up.
  3. Booster. For caravanning away from campsites it is essential. We just need to run to the store to buy something and we already have our batteries recharged. If you happen to be thinking about an electric generator, buy a booster instead.
  4. Safe. Its function needs no explanation. Having things hidden somewhere in a safe is priceless. You’d sooner steal a whole car than dismantle a caravan safe.
  5. Fuel bottles. I can’t imagine comfortable caravanning without that. Imagine if you ran out of diesel and had to remove the tank. Imagine if you couldn’t buy diesel in France. You’ll experience all this if you don’t have a gas bottle.

“These are really the extras I’ll fit to my caravan or van the first week I buy it”

Extra tip for caravanning without a campervan

Caravanning without a campsite in less touristy places is tempting. However, it still involves having to refill water or pour the toilet. Drinking water can be bought almost everywhere, spilling a chemical toilet is often a problem. We have found it very useful to buy a spare toilet cassette, it means we have doubled the number of days we can stay off the campsite. You can put the cassette somewhere in your caravan garage, for example.

Buy a spare toilet cassette, it costs up to EUR 100. Some brands of luxury caravans have a special place to put the spare toilet cassette.

A locker for a spare toilet cassette in the garage of a luxury caravan.

Feel free to message me on Instagram with extras I forgot or should definitely get fitted.

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