How much does a caravan cost?

How much does a caravan cost?

Caravans are pretty expensive fun. Not even mentioning that most caravans are actually expensive Fiats. The lockers are like kinderwave, just don’t touch anything so it doesn’t fall off. Of course there are some quality brands, but they cost about 2x as much as the kindervac ones.

We’ll talk about new caravans, the price of used ones are of course reduced by years of use. However, caravans don’t lose value as fast as passenger cars. You can buy a four year old BMW for a third of the price of a new one. A four year old caravan for 70% of the price of a new one.

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As with all types of goods, there are budget, standard and luxury brands. It’s the same with caravans. Budget is basically different from standard brand only in the materials used.

Budget brands

Budget brands are manufactured in the same factory as standard brands. Only, for example, parts that were used in the standard brand a few years ago are used in the production

Budget brands include Sunlight, Sunliving, Weinsberg, Roadcard, Carado, Blue Camp, Giotti Line and so on. The price of a new cravan starts at under 40 thousand euros for these budget brands. Budget brands have lockers made with less durable material. Chances are you’ll be gluing the hinges on the doors with toothpicks and second glue. Budget brands are certainly not going to be walking around South America in another 30 years. Still, I think they’re cool and worth considering. For the price of a second hand caravan you have a working new budget caravan with a warranty and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Standard brands

Standard brands are more expensive in price, but use stronger materials and more modern parts. With these standard brands, it also depends on the model you choose. Manufacturers of standard brands usually have two model lines: basic and premium. They differ mainly in the equipment and components used

The standard brands include, for example, Hymer, Knaus, Carthago, Rapido, Hobby or Adria. The price of a new caravan starts at around EUR 55 thousand. These caravans are the most popular on the road

If you are planning to buy a second hand caravan, be sure to look around for a used Hymer or Carthago, for example. These are fantastic caravans that will last for many years with normal use. It’s common to see 20-30 year old Hymers on the road with everything still working.

Luxury brands

Luxury brands are mostly large caravans over 3.5t. The quality of workmanship, technology, materials and interior space far exceeds the standard brands. Some of the best known are Concorde, Morelo or Airstream. The price for such a new caravan is around 100 thousand EUR.

In addition to the basic price of a new caravan, the price of additional equipment must also be added to the price. It is the optional extras that most first-time caravanners forget about. It is possible to fit 10,000 worth of equipment into a 40,000 caravan without any problems. Additional equipment is for example an awning, satellite, air conditioning, electrical system, flashlights and so on.

Personally, however, I recommend not to go too crazy with additional equipment and wait.

“Try the caravan out and see what you really need”

You may find that you don’t need an awning so much as you need better quality flashlights and a solar panel

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