Reims by caravan

Reims by caravan

Reims is a very pretty historic town in the centre of the Champagne region. It’s only about 150km from Paris, so be sure to stop here on your way to Paris. It’s a university town with lots of young people, nice streets, buildings and parks. There are a lot of restaurants in town and it’s quite a relaxed, non-touristy atmosphere. It was because of this calm atmosphere that we stayed here as 2 days.

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Where to park the caravan in Reims?

There is an official caravan park with a service point right in the centre of town. You can therefore spend a few days in Reims without any problems, or have it as a base for your trips around the Champagne area.

How to get around in the city?

The city is flat, easy to walk around on a bike or longboard. Many times we walked into town for coffee, it’s not far from the caravan park.

Map with interesting places in Reims

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