These four things you’ll definitely need on the road

These four things you’ll definitely need on the road

In the accessories article I mentioned mainly things you can fit to your caravan to make your caravanning more luxurious. However, I will try to mention the things you should definitely not forget before you go. Even if you do forget some of them, it’s not a problem to buy them somewhere along the way.

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What never to take out of the caravan

  1. Electricity cable. This is used to connect the caravan to the 230V electricity supply at the campsite or caravan park. Personally we don’t use the cable much, we have solar panels and a booster on the roof. However, we carry the cable with us at all times. In the shivering winter we can use it if needed. You never know when the solar controller or charging with the booster will go away.
  2. Drinking water hose. You’ll use the hose every day. It’s best to purchase at least a 4m hose or multiple hoses with a quick connect. Most water taps don’t have their own quick coupler, you have to screw it onto the tap. Remember to take your quick coupler with you when you have filled the water.
  3. Bandana. In remote places away from civilization or caravan sites, sometimes scooping water is a problem. I mean, not a problem if you have a bandana. You can easily refill drinking water from a public tap at the beach or in a city park. It is also ideal to have one short hose that can be connected to an ordinary tap in some way.
  4. Fire extinguisher. I hope you never need it on the road, but it’s great to have. In the caravan you cook with gas, outside the caravan you cook with gas and most importantly everything is completely made of wood. A fire extinguisher is worth having.

“These things need to be in the caravan all year round and never take them out of the caravan.”

It’s best if they have a permanent and fixed place and you never have to look for them.

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