Troubleshooting notice

Troubleshooting notice

All repairs to your caravan should be carried out professionally by an authorised caravan repairer and by an authorised repairer for your make of caravan chassis. Do not attempt any of the repairs yourself.

“Troubleshooting articles are written for the purpose of identifying a possible problem, not to immediately start taking apart the Truma”

All information has been written in accordance with the official Knaus caravan manufacturer’s manual. Some of the solutions are ridiculously trivial. However, the manual is really written for all people, not just MacGyvers

I happened to have a pretty simple solution to my problem, at which point I started analyzing and researching it in a very complicated way. When the caravan was connected to 230V the caravan was not charging the caravan torches. Of course I thought I had faulty electronics, a faulty charger, a disconnected cable… In the end, all I had to do was reset the circuit breaker on the 230V, which had accidentally tripped while putting things in the locker.

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