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Since 2005, Emi and I have been actively travelling around Europe by car. That is, except for holidays outside this continent, where we went by plane and rented a car. We’ve gone through roadtrips in hotels, guesthouses or camping in European campsites. We swapped the tent for a hitchhiker, which was the furthest we’ve been in Northern Ireland. At that time there was hardly any information on the Internet about caravans, vans or camping.

Caravans and campervans had attracted us from the start. So in 2015 we bought our first Knaus semi-integrated caravan. After 4 years we exchanged it for a smaller Westfalia Club Joker van on T5.1 and we still travel with that to this day.

We prefer to travel to less touristy places. We make more use of caravan parks or nice beaches instead of campsites. That’s why in this manual I’m going to be more concerned in part with off-site travel.

We live part of the year in the van and part in our apartment in Košice. We sleep about 140 nights a year in the van, which is almost half-time ?

We are very happy to share our experience and information with you.

If you happen to see us somewhere, feel free to honk or flash. We’d love to meet you, either at a travel event in Slovakia, in the mountains or at a surf spot by the sea.


Enjoy every day. Even when it rains ✌️

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