Caravan shows

Caravan shows

I recommend the caravan show to everyone. In one place you have the opportunity to see, try and compare all the brands available in Europe. In addition to caravans, there are also manufacturers of accessories such as awnings, satellites or even manufacturers of equipment for campsites and caravan parks.

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How to save money at a caravan show

Each brand has special promotions at the show when ordering a new model. If you want to save some money and you know what you want, go and buy a caravan at the show.

“Try out the bed, the shower or the workmanship of the furniture”

The biggest caravan shows in Europe

Europe’s biggest caravan show is in Düsseldorf, lasting about one week. The show is usually held in the last week of August. All brands available in Europe take part. In addition to the big brands, smaller, lesser-known and less widespread brands can also be seen in Düsseldorf.

There is a similar exhibition in Parma, which takes place a week after Düsseldorf. Most of the caravans move from Düsseldorf to Parma. However, there are not many small German brands at this exhibition.

Apart from the big shows, there are lots of small local ones during the year, but where it is not possible to see so many models or manufacturers. So if you want to have a really good overview, I would definitely go to Düsseldorf or Parma at least once.

How about parking the caravan during the show

The car park in front of the exhibition centre usually turns into a huge caravan park for the duration of the show. It is possible to fill and drain water and toilets there. It is common for caravanners to sleep in the car park in front of the showground for a couple of days while they see all the caravans.

If you have already chosen the length and number of pitches, the chances are pretty good that you won’t be able to see all the filtered caravans at the show in one day.

It is not even possible to see all the caravans at the show in one week of the show.

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