Camping Bike Stop-molnár Porta

A serene countryside retreat offering traditional lodging, nature immersion, and access to wellness amenities.

Camping Bike stop-Molnár porta is a charming getaway nestled in Dunaszentmiklós, inviting guests to leave behind the hustle of city life and bask in the tranquility of nature. The Molnár Porta sits comfortably in the heart of the Neszmélyi wine region, cradled by the slopes of the Gerecse mountains, a cozy Swabian village not far from the capital. It offers authentic accommodation in a traditional, timber-framed farmhouse with clay walls, providing a full-comfort rustic experience.

The establishment welcomes guests into three apartments, each capable of accommodating 5-6 people with additional beds available. This makes Camping Bike stop-Molnár porta an ideal location for families or groups looking for a serene escape. Guests at Molnár Porta can also take advantage of affordable wellness services offered by a nearby hotel, adding a touch of relaxation to the camping experience.

Camping Bike stop-Molnár porta is more than just a place to rest; it’s a destination for adventurers and relaxation seekers alike. Whether you’re passing through on a bike tour or looking for a peaceful retreat, this camping site provides a unique blend of hospitality and charm. The nearby wellness hotel’s services are available to guests, making it a perfect spot for those looking to unwind.

In summary, Camping Bike stop-Molnár porta represents a fusion of tradition, comfort, and nature, catering to those who wish to enrich their travel experience with the essence of Hungarian countryside living. With its hospitable accommodations and proximity to nature and wellness amenities, it’s a gem for tourists and locals seeking a picturesque respite from their everyday lives.



Petőfi str 68.


47.702599516074, 18.383839130402


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