Windows and ventilation

Windows and ventilation

All caravans and camper vans have opening sunroofs and opening side windows. Most vans also have opening windows in the sliding doors and rear opening doors. All windows have double glazing, which ensures good thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Roof windows

Roof windows are forced ventilation, meaning that a small amount of air flows through them. This is advantageous for preventing condensation. They ventilate constantly and the air in the caravan is pleasant. In winter, of course, it’s not cold through them, those vents are really minimal.

Almost all caravans have a vent at the bottom, through which any gas or other fumes could escape. These vents are usually in the area of the side entrance door.

‘All windows, including the cab windows, can be blacked out. In the evening you cannot see into the caravan”

Side windows

The side and roof windows have a retractable mosquito net. The mosquito net can also be mounted on the side entrance door of the caravan or motorhome.

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