Apps for motorhoming

Apps for motorhoming

With the advent of iPhones, various online apps with motorhome parking maps have also made inroads. However, these apps may not always include verified and official car parks. So take them with a grain of salt and read some of the recent comments.

Apps for motorhoming without a campsite

Our favourite apps are Park4night and CamperContact. However, there are also other local apps where you can find car parks in Italy or France, for example. These are mostly not in English.

The apps you can use to find motorhome parkings are:

  • Park4night
  • Campercontact
  • StayFree
  • VanlifeLocation
  • CaraMaps
  • Camper Stop
  • Stellplatz-Radar
  • WomoStellplatz
  • CamperLife
  • Camperonline
  • CamperINFINITY

“If you only want 2 apps to get by with, it’s Park4night and Campercontact”

Park4night is a community app that anyone can add anything to. This means that the information in Park4night may not always be correct and I recommend reading the comments on the site. Maybe the car park is very downhill, or maybe it’s even banned.

The Campercontact app mostly only lists official car parks. In most cases the information is correct and can be relied on.

Apps for campsites

Similar to the previous apps, there are also special apps for finding campsites. You can search via an interactive map, around your current location or by entering a city.

Mobile apps have essentially replaced the book publications that have been around for decades. They are therefore quite well crafted and the information in them is mostly 100% true and verified. The content of some of these apps is paid, a nominal fee is paid on an annual basis.

I will mention only the most widespread ones:

  • CampingCard ACSI Campsites
  • ACSI Campsites Europe
  • Camping.Info

Other motorhoming apps

In addition to the campsite search, it is also possible to download apps for your mobile to find drinking water, toilets or to level your motorhome.

You can search for drinking water via the apps

  • WeTap
  • Fountains

Find public toilets via the app

  • Flush

You can find LPG pumps for refuelling gas cylinders via the app:


You can conveniently find information about the zones in each city in the app:

  • Green-Zones

For controlling motorhome technology there are for example apps:

  • VictronConnect
  • Truma

In addition to controlling the heating and air conditioning remotely, the Truma app also allows you to find out whether you are standing upright with the motorhome or whether you should park.

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