Arrifana by motorhome – an amazing place to surf in Portugal

Arrifana by motorhome – an amazing place to surf in Portugal

We were Camping in Portugal for about a month in total. We went back to the same beaches quite often due to the fact that we were travelling to see the waves. The Algarve, or southwestern part, probably has the warmest weather, and it faces the ocean so you can surf there almost every day. That’s why the Algarve is the most visited by surfers from all over Europe. What’s the reason we enjoyed returning to Arrifana so much?

Surfing in Arrifana by motorhome

Arrifana is an interesting place. The beach is located under a cliff, and is mostly sandy. The rocks at the bottom are only at the end of the beach. Because of this, the beach is quite safe and suitable for beginners. It is because of this that Arrifana is completely full of surfers from vans and surf schools.

For me, it was quite worth it to go surfing before sunset, when the beach was almost empty and all the surf schools were already gone.

Map with Arrifana attractions

Getting from the reef to the beach

There’s a narrow road to the beach, just enough for one car. There is a no-entry zone. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk down, which with surfboard, wetsuit and all. Especially after surfing you need to go back up as well. Luckily they take people down and up with a golf cart. The price was €1 per person.

Where we parked the motorhome in Arrifana

We were in Portugal in 2017, when sleeping in a motorhome or van outside the campsite was still allowed. The whole of Arrifana is crooked. Finding a flat spot to park there is a problem. We stood, like other motorhomes and vans, in the car park. Sometimes the parking lot is dirt, sometimes asphalt. Otherwise, those beer bottles in the photo were left behind by young German #vanlife enthusiasts.

Unreal sunsets of the Arrifana coast

In Arrifana we experienced some of the most beautiful sunsets in Portugal. It was absolutely magical. When the sea fog was added to it, it was something unreal.

The cliffs

The beaches in the Algarve are absolutely stunning, you’ll come across amazing cliffs at every turn. Even if you don’t surf, you’ll definitely enjoy it. You can take a hike or go for a dip in the icy water.

Gastronomy in Arrifana

The gastronomy in Portugal is roughly the same as here. Some places you can eat quite well, some places it’s a complete disaster. It happened that we didn’t even finish our food and yet I was quite hungry from surfing. There are a few restaurants in Arrifana near the beach. These were quite OK.

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