Dune du Pilat caravan – the highest sand dunes in Europe

Dune du Pilat caravan – the highest sand dunes in Europe

South-west of Bordeaux are the highest sand dunes in Europe. It’s such a mega huge pile of sand that it takes quite a bit of effort to climb it. This sand dune is located near the seaside town of Arcachon in Aquitaine. The whole area is very nicely landscaped, full of greenery, old villas and nice roads. It kind of reminded me of the English countryside with a southern undertone.

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Information about the dunes

Dune du Pilat is officially the highest dune in Europe. It is located just 60km from Bordeaux. This mega sand dune contains approximately 60,000,000 m³ of sand. The dune is half a kilometre wide and measures almost 3km in length. The height of the dune exceeds 100m. Try walking 100m of elevation on the hot sand. It’s definitely a wonder. You’ll feel like you’re sliding down some kind of gutter on the way down ?

Where to park the caravan?

There are campsites right next to the dunes. However, if you don’t want to go to a campsite, you can park your caravan at one of the “entrances” to the dune. You can find information about the location on the map below. We didn’t sleep at this spot though, we moved to Arcachon Bay a few miles to the north. As I wrote earlier, the whole area looks very nice, go for a drive around in the evening. There’s a cool cafe near the parking lot, you can get a croissant or baguette there for breakfast.

Map with interesting places

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