How to use the cooker in the motorhome

How to use the cooker in the motorhome

A motorhome gas cooker or stove works in a similar way to a gas cooker in the home. Ignition is either automatic by pressing a knob or, in some older models, by using a lighter. When the stove is burning, the vent or one of the windows must be open due to oxygen consumption. The burners have a safety fuse which ensures that the gas is switched off if the flame blows out.

Ignition of the motorhome gas burner flame

  1. Make sure the gas supply is open.
  2. Open the glass lid of the cooker.
  3. Turn and press the rotary knob for the selected burner.
  4. Press the knob for the piezo flame ignition.
  5. Leave the knob depressed for a moment after the burner has been lit.

Switching off and shutting down the motorhome cooker after cooking

  1. Turn the gas intensity control knob to the off position.
  2. Wait until the burner has cooled down.
  3. Close the glass lid of the cooker.

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