Camping Villaggio Residence Macinelle

A seaside retreat in Marina di Camerota, offering comfortable apartments near a pristine beach and a range of amenities for a relaxing vacation.

Camping in Pieria opens up a canvas of scenic landscapes perfect for motorhome adventurers seeking to fuse the comforts of home with the call of the wild. Imagine waking to the gentle lull of the Aegean Sea, your camper van parked a stone’s throw away from the sandy embrace of Pieria’s beaches. Here, the journey is as captivating as the destination, with routes winding through mythical mountains and olive groves that beckon travelers with their serene beauty.

For those towing caravans, the versatility of camping in Pieria cannot be overstated. You can easily hitch up and roll out to explore the foot of Mount Olympus, setting up your portable abode within reach of the gods. The region’s caravan-friendly campsites serve as launchpads for hiking, local cuisine tastings, and impromptu history lessons amidst ancient ruins, offering a blend of adventure and learning that’s hard to match.

Camper van enthusiasts will find Pieria to be a treasure trove of freedom and flexibility. Roam from the vibrant murmur of local markets to secluded coves, all while carrying your essentials with you. Pieria’s diverse terrain, from its crystal-clear waters to its lush, hiker-friendly paths, becomes your backyard, transforming the everyday into the extraordinary. At night, the constellation-studded sky turns your camper van into a private observatory for celestial shows.

The spirit of camping in Pieria is encapsulated by the community of like-minded travelers you’ll meet, each with their unique stories and custom rigs, from sleek motorhomes to quirky, retrofitted camper vans. Together, you share the unspoken bond of the road, the collective nod to living life at your own pace, and the mutual appreciation for the natural splendor that makes camping in Pieria a true highlight for nomads seeking solace in the embrace of Greece’s enchanting landscape.



Via Macinelle, loc. Calanca, 84059 Marina di Camerota SA, Taliansko


39.999746723201, 15.368789434433



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