Cortina Gate Camping

A modern campsite catering to caravans and motorhomes, offering clean facilities, privacy, and beach proximity.

Cortina Gate Camping, situated in Vama Veche, Romania, presents a contemporary haven for caravanning enthusiasts. This newly-established campsite is tailored exclusively for caravan and motorhome holidaymakers, aiming to provide a modern camping experience. Just a stone’s throw away, a brief 7-minute stroll will take you from Cortina Gate Camping to the sandy embrace of Vama Veche beach, making it an ideal spot for those who love the sea and sand.

Feedback from guests who’ve stayed at Cortina Gate Camping paints a picture of a clean, quiet, and well-equipped facility, perfect for those seeking a caravan getaway. The staff’s friendliness and the campsite’s competitive pricing structure add to its allure, promising a hassle-free stay. Moreover, the campsite’s design, which includes ample space for caravans, individual toilets with keys, and shaded camping spots, ensures comfort and privacy.

The high standards maintained at Cortina Gate Camping have not gone unnoticed. Guests commend the campsite’s cleanliness, especially the toilets, and the overall tranquil environment which contributes to a restful holiday experience. The campsite’s setup, including personal bathrooms and sufficient room for maneuvering caravans, reflects a thoughtful approach to guest convenience and satisfaction.

Cortina Gate Camping has evidently set a benchmark for coastal campsites, with its commitment to excellence and relaxation. Whether it’s for a short stay or a prolonged retreat, it provides a serene backdrop for rejuvenating both mind and soul. With its proximity to the beach, meticulous upkeep, and dedicated facilities, Cortina Gate Camping stands out as a premier destination for caravan enthusiasts.



E87, Vama Veche, comuna Limanu, Judetul Constanta, RO-907163, Romania


43.7469, 28.5702


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