San Giuliano Venice

The motorhome area for campers close to Venice

San Giuliano Venice stands as a Motorhome & Camper Area, conveniently located just moments from the historic heart of Venice, accessible within a mere 10-minute journey via public bus lines.

Serving as a hub for an array of leisure and tourist pursuits, San Giuliano Venice is an innovative and eco-conscious vacation destination.

Nestled within San Giuliano Park, the largest urban park in Europe, it presents an exceptional model of environmental reclamation, offering awe-inspiring vistas of Venice and its enchanting lagoon. Moreover, San Giuliano Venice is distinguished by its low environmental footprint, achieved through a range of energy-saving initiatives involving sun, water, and waste recycling.

Breathtaking views from motorhome area San Giuliano Park in Venice

San Giuliano Venice presents an extensive array of inclusive services, encompassing amenities such as showers, toilets, dishwashing facilities, and laundry services, all bundled into the accommodation package. Caravan Park San Giuliano offers a truly unique experience, exclusive to the enchanting Venice lagoon and the serene Adriatic Sea.

Here, you have the opportunity to explore the world’s most beautiful city or embark on journeys in traditional Venetian boats, set sail on Italian and Croatian waters aboard a sailboat, partake in sports activities, or venture into the rustic heartlands of the Veneto region. Moreover, it serves as the closest and most convenient departure point for catching a ferry connecting Venice to Greece.

Tarifs: 18€/24 hours + electricity



Via San Giuliano 19, 30174 Venezia Mestre, Italy


45.467889826616, 12.279024124146



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