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Location: Camping in Kalmar County

Kalmar County, located in the southeast of Sweden, is an ideal destination for those who love to hit the road with their motorhome or caravan. The region boasts a beautiful coastline along the Baltic Sea, as well as lush forests and tranquil lakes, making it perfect for a holiday on wheels. With a variety of campsites available, travelers can find the perfect spot to park and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. From full-service sites with all the amenities to more rustic locations offering a closer connection to nature, there’s something for every kind of camper.

For those planning a caravan or camper van adventure, Kalmar County offers an array of activities and sights. You can explore the historic city of Kalmar itself, with its impressive castle and charming old town, or take a short trip over the bridge to the enchanting island of Öland. The region’s campsites are often conveniently located near hiking trails, bike paths, and fishing spots, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun.

When it comes to camping in Kalmar County, the options are as diverse as the landscape. Families can enjoy child-friendly sites with playgrounds and beaches, while couples might prefer a secluded spot by a quiet lake. Many sites also welcome pets, so even furry family members can join in on the holiday. The long summer days in this part of Sweden are perfect for barbecues, swimming, and simply relaxing by your caravan with a good book.

Travelers who choose to explore Kalmar County with their camper van or caravan will find a welcoming community of fellow campers. The region’s campgrounds often host communal areas where you can meet other travelers, share stories, and exchange tips about the best local spots to visit. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or trying it out for the first time, the friendly atmosphere and stunning scenery of Kalmar County make it a top choice for a memorable camping holiday.

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