Motorhome Floor and Chassis

Motorhome Floor and Chassis

Are there multiple types of motorhome chassis and multiple types of flooring? Why is this so important that I have to write about it? The type of chassis and flooring determines the motorhome’s driveability, insulation and amount of storage space.

Motorhome chassis types

There are two types of chassis:

  • Basic chassis
  • AL-KO chassis

The basic chassis is usually fitted by Budget motorhome brands. It is built higher than the AL-KO chassis and thus has poorer driving characteristics.

The AL-KO chassis is used in Standard and Premium motorhomes. It has a different rear suspension than the basic chassis, is lower and allows for a double floor. The rear axle suspension is using torsion bars.

Motorhome floor types

As I have already indicated, there are two types of floors:

  • single
  • double

The basic difference between the floors is that in a double floor the storage compartments are heated. It also has better insulation properties. The double floor is most commonly used in premium integrated motorhome models.

In luxury vehicles such as Morelo or Concorde, the chassis and floor are created directly by the manufacturer of these brands.

Motorhome air suspension

In addition to the standard suspension, an air suspension can be fitted to the motorhome to better balance a fully loaded motorhome.

“The torsion bars of the AL-KO chassis get tired quite often due to the weight of the motorhome”

This reduces the quality and safety of the journey. The air suspension can be fitted to all motorhome models. From the driver’s cab it is possible to change the height of the chassis of the rear part of the motorhome, which you will appreciate especially during ferry crossings, when the crossing is often very steep and there is a risk of damaging the rear bumper due to the long overhang of the motorhome body.

Most often, a double-circuit air suspension is fitted to motorhomes to allow the motorhome to level out during sideways roll due to uneven loads. For example, if there is a large water tank or beer keg on one side.

The suspension can be mounted on one, that is the rear axle or both axles. The air suspension can be retrofitted to an existing one or completely replace the existing one.

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