San Daniele ham with motorhome

San Daniele ham with motorhome

San Daniele del Friuli is a village in the north-east of Italy. We visit it quite often, I would say every year. The reason is its quite good position close to the motorway from Austria to Italy.

How far is San Daniele from the motorway + price for motorway toll

From the Coccau border crossing near Tarvisio, you take the motorway for about 77km and you’ll come to the Gemona-Osoppo motorway exit. You will pay 6.40 EUR for this motorway journey. In Italy, motorways are quite expensive. On the other hand, they are quite OK to travel on, and compared to Austria, for example, travelling in Italy is a complete luxury.

From the motorway exit it is about 16km to San Daniele del Friuli. The road is quite narrow in the last stretch, but that’s normal in the Italian countryside.

Map of recommended places in San Daniele del Friuli

Motorhome parking in San Daniele

Just a few hundred metres from the historic centre of San Daniele is the area di sosta for motorhomes, known in German as the stellplatz. Motorhome parking is free in San Daniele, with water and toilet facilities.

There are always at least 5 motorhomes in the parking lot when we are in San Daniele. Everyone goes to the center, has a ham, prosecco or coffee. It’s great for the city. It should work like that everywhere, I hope it will be like that all over Europe one day.

Photo gallery of San Daniele del Friuli town centre

The town centre is on a hill. From the motorhome parking you’ll go all the way up just to earn that ham. The town has roughly 8,000 inhabitants, it’s quite nice, it’s non-touristy, there are even real locals living there. I like towns like that, they have a normal atmosphere and they don’t try to forcefully sell you something at every turn.

Our favourite restaurants and bars in San Daniele

The centre of San Daniele is full of bars and restaurants where you can have a ham or even a normal spaghetti with ketchup. The map below shows the establishments we like to go to.

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