The most common motorhome interior layouts

The most common motorhome interior layouts

There are about a thousand possibilities for the interior layout of a motorhome. Every motorhomer requires something different. Just like in an apartment or a house, everyone arranges their furniture differently. In a motorhome, however, you can’t move it around. What motorhome you buy, that’s what you’ll have until you sell it. So you can’t, for example, move the fridge to the opposite side or move the cooker further to the right. Everything is built-in and fixed in advance.

I’ll try to mention the most common interior layouts based on our visits to motorhome shows.


For motorhomes, the most common furniture layout is as follows. There is seating in the front with swivel front seats for the driver. In the middle of the motorhome is the kitchen and opposite it is the bathroom with toilet. And in the rear is a sleeping area with a bed either the width or the length of the motorhome.

Large camper van

Almost all camper vans are designed with a bed the width of the van. The inside of the van has a very similar layout to a motorhome, but the interior space is much smaller.

Small Camper van

Almost all campervans are made in the manner of the original VW T3 California from Westfalia. There is a folding bed on the right hand side of the rear compartment and a kitchen cupboard on the left hand side.

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