Why do you want to be an expert level caravanner?

Why do you want to be an expert level caravanner?

Everyone wants to be Tony Hawk, Lewis Hamilton or Pete Sagan. These are experts in their field. They have been in their hobby for decades and have worked their way up from Amateur to Expert level

The following articles will help you to increase your caravanning level from Amateur to Expert

“Earn the respect of the experts”

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Amateur Caravanner

The Amateur makes mistakes he doesn’t need to make. He doesn’t think many things wrong, but he has little experience and is therefore unaware of those mistakes.

In recent years, caravanning and #vanlife has experienced an unexpected boom. There are plenty of amateurs arriving every day who may inadvertently harm the whole caravanning world with their actions.

New bans for caravanners

At the moment, caravanning is still quite free. There are no entry bans, no parking bans or no overnight bans in many places. How it will be in a year’s time depends on how many amateurs become experts.

“Whether you’ll be able to park in a car park in the future is up to you”

From January 2020, freecamping is banned across Portugal across the board. You can’t sleep in any of their car parks, you have to go to a campsite or official caravan park.

The good news is that being an expert level caravanner isn’t that hard. So let’s get to it.

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