Camper van for the campsite

Camper van for the campsite

I take the converted van destined for the campsite as a more comfortable tent. The van does not need to have a sophisticated waste system for cooking, electric or gas system. In campgrounds, you can cook either in front of the van or in rooms designed for that purpose.

California Beach style

The idea of a commercial van destined for a campsite is a VW Multivan or a California Beach. They just have a comfortable bed, are insulated and have storage for belongings.

“The stove doesn’t have to be hard-wired into the van.”

For example, a Campigaz bomb cooker is ideal. You can cook with it inside the van but also in front of the van.

There are commercially made drawers in the back of small vans with a stove and storage. It’s a handy solution, but it only works in good weather. One company that does this is Egoe Nest, for example.

A van designed for a campsite may have neither a toilet nor a shower. That’s what you use the services of a campsite for

The campsite also has the possibility of being connected to electricity, so you can plug in your simple fridge or small electric heater.


An alternative to a van destined for the campsite is a rooftop hitchhiker. You can sleep comfortably in it, and it’s quite cheap compared to a van. You can use your existing car.

We’ve been travelling with a motorhome for about four years and we’ve been happy with it. Check out the Italian company Autohome, they make good quality autostans

We had the Maggiolina type, which looks like a bigger ski box. Inside is a 10cm high mattress and you can close it up with duvets, pillows and pyjamas.

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