Champagne by motorhome

Champagne by motorhome

France is a caravanning country. You’ll find official motorhome parkings at every location, which are either free or for a symbolic few euros. The motorhome parks are usually in very good locations, close to the centre or attractions. We roamed the Champagne region in our motorhome for a few days. You can see a photographed and interactive map of the entire area below. Everything there is landscaped very nicely. Greenery, parks, vineyards, restored buildings. They probably sold a lot of champagne.

How does one drive a motorhome in the French countryside?

It’s definitely worth travelling through Champagne by motorhome. However, the villages in the Champagne area are often quite narrow. You need to be quite careful with a large motorhome or caravan. Some streets are a problem for 2 cars, in some even turning off is a problem. The villages are quite far from each other, you’ll get tired on the bike. Unless you’ve been training for the Tour de France.

Please take a look at the photo of the Champagne region’s map below. In the centre of the Champagne area is the city of Reims. Renowned for its historical significance and, of course, its world-famous champagne production.

Ema and I we traveled in the Champagne are by our Knaus motorhome. In a couple of days, we explored the picturesque vineyards and indulged in delightful champagne tastings. We fully immersed ourselves in the cultural and culinary experiences that this remarkable part of France had to offer. Champagne region was a truly memorable experience.

Traditional restaurants in the villages

We spent a few days in this area. We certainly didn’t see everything in the Champagne region, but it was a cool motorhome stop on our way to Paris. In the small villages you can find restaurants with lunch menus at, by French standards, very good prices. Wine is inexpensive and champagne too. The map below shows where you had lunch. It’s just a taste of what it can look like.

Champagne by motorhome - can you find our Knaus?

Interesting motorhome places in the Champagne region

Explore the Champagne region in style by motorhome, where you can discover intriguing places like the iconic Reims Cathedral. Visit a marvel of Gothic architecture, and the historic Avenue de Champagne in Épernay, home to prestigious champagne houses. Don’t miss the small town of Hautvillers, where Dom Pérignon perfected the art of champagne-making.

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