Florence by motorhome

Florence by motorhome

We have been to Florence about three times. Once about ten years ago in the summer, when we were travelling around Europe by car. We slept in a campsite in Pisa and only went to Florence for a day trip. The last time we were in Florence by motorhome was in the fall. I think visiting Tuscany in the fall is a fantastic choice. It’s not as warm in the interior, but the weather is still pleasant during the day. In November, you can still walk around during the day in just that thin jacket or even without it. Depends on whether it’s a mistral or a scirocco.

So in this article I will mention our last trip to Florence, where we slept with the motorhome right near the center and what we actually did in that Florence.

Where to park the motorhome in Florence

There are two official motorhome parkings in Florence close to the centre. You pay 15-20 euros for 24 hours. It’s basically a regular paid parking lot with a parking ticket. It’s either a longer walk to the centre or you can take the bus, which stops right outside the car park, for a couple of stops. We parked in the lot that is closer to the center of town. The car park also includes a service point for filling and draining water and toilets. You can find the location on the map below. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the parking lot, so I’ll upload at least some photos from the gallery here ?

Interesting places when visiting Florence by motorhome

Florence, a jewel in Tuscany’s crown, beckons motorhome enthusiasts with a host of captivating spots to explore. Imagine parking your motorhome near the Florence city centre – it’s all possible.

Armed with our personalized map and the freedom of a motorhome, you’re in for an unforgettable journey, where you can explore Florence’s charm and its surroundings at your own pace.

Why visit Florence in the off-season

Most people go on holiday in the summer. Kids have holidays and somehow because of that it has become so common. However, kids also have holidays in autumn or spring. In my opinion, plan a trip to Florence by motorhome at least once just for the off-season. The city will have a totally relaxed vibe, it won’t be overrun with tourists or faux Chinese crap merchants. You’ll be able to just sit down for a coffee and no one will bother you.

What is a schiacciata and why are you going to Florence for it

There’s plenty to see in Florence, but I won’t go into that. You can find information about museums and churches in any tourist guide. We discovered the Schiacciata quite by accident as we wandered the small streets of the center, after our visit to the Galleria degli Uffizi. It was evening and we noticed an incredible line of locals on the street. We immediately ran to see why everyone was standing there. There aren’t as many tourists in Florence in mid-November, so it was quite a strange phenomenon at the time.

Schiacciata is actually a large Tuscan bread without salt. They put some kind of filling in that bread like mushroom spread and salami. You’ve never had such good bread with salami! I recommend it and when you go to Florence by motorhome, make sure to stop by All’Antico Vinaio. You can have wine with your schiacciata for a fiver. Don’t be afraid of it, it’s great.

The Florence Soup Festival like you’ve never seen it before

When you say food from Florence, everyone thinks of steak Bistecca alla Fiorentina. However, we are traveling #beertyguru stajl and therefore we didn’t have such a thing as a simple steak ?

The first gastro stop in any big city for us is the market. Specially if you’re in cities in the south of Europe, like Italy or Spain. A lot of marketplaces have been modernized nowadays and part of the market is also like an upscale school canteen. I also write about this in my article about Lisbon.

In Florence we were very lucky. On the very weekend we were there, there was a festival called Trippa e non solo... Trippa is a stick. Not many people know that this is the traditional food of Florence. Whether you like it or not, it’s true. I recommend it to everyone, even if you’ve never eaten tripe. Give trippe a chance. The Italians will definitely make them so it’s luxuriously good.

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