Grado by motorhome

Grado by motorhome

Grado is a small but pretty town north of Venice. When I’ve talked to other campers about it, most people don’t know it at all and have never been to Grado by motorhome. Grado in Italy has a very nice little centre. There are boats parked right in the center, there is also a pedestrian area or market. In this article I will try to mention the most interesting places in this small town. Where we slept in Grado by motorhome and how it looks like on the beach.

We have been to Grado by motorhome several times, mostly on our way home from Italy. Last year we gave Grado a motorhome ride in the summer as well, on our way to the corona of Venice.

How to get to Grado by motorhome

To get to Grado, you take a bypass that looks like a bridge in a lagoon. It’s quite a pretty road, with little boats floating past you.

Map with attractions in Grado

Where we slept in Grado by motorhome

There is an official motorhome parking right in the town of Grado. This car park includes a service point for filling and draining water and toilets. This motorhome parking in Grado is big enough, you can park there even with a huge 10m long motorhome. The motorhome parking in Grad is about 200m from the beach and a few minutes bike ride from the full historic centre.

Motorhome parking in Grado

Grado town centre

Grado town centre is tiny, you can walk through it in a few minutes. On the other hand, it’s quite nice, full of cafes, restaurants and shops. The whole historic centre, except the road around the harbour is pedestrianised.

Cycle paths in Grado

When you go by motorhome to Grado, make sure you don’t forget your bikes or longboards. You can get around the city easily, Grado has cycle paths absolutely everywhere and they are very well surfaced.

Market in Grado

There is a market in Grado on the pedestrian zone where you can buy fresh fish. There is also a fish shop by the harbour. You can find both of these points on the map below.

The harbour in Grado

Right in the centre of Grado there is a small tourist harbour. Fishing boats and sailing boats are parked there. The harbour in the town looks great during the day but also in the evening. Have a drink or a coffee by the harbour. The surroundings are nicely landscaped and it is worth sitting there.

Video from the port of Grado that we posted on Instagram

While picking out photos, I also found this video that we were posting to Insta stories. It’s quite fitting for this article as well.

Beaches in Grado

The main beach in Grado is sandy and quite long. The water is very shallow, meaning you have to walk at least 100m if you want to swim. This is convenient for holidays with small children. Along the beach you can easily longboard on the pier. In the southern part of the town there is a smaller beach with deeper water.

Longboarding in Grad

Restaurants in Grado

The town centre is full of small restaurants. So you don’t have to worry about spaghetti and ketchup at all. The prices are definitely higher than in a non-touristy town, but they’re not completely exorbitant.

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