How lighting works in a motorhome

How lighting works in a motorhome

The motorhome lighting is connected to a leisure battery all lights operate on 12V. The entire 12V electrical circuit of the motorhome can be switched on centrally and then individual lights can be switched on.

Interior lighting

  1. the motorhome’s 12V electrical circuit is switched on centrally at the motorhome’s control panel.
  2. the 12V electrical circuit is represented by a light bulb icon.
  3. the light inside the motorhome can be switched on with switches separately for each part of the motorhome. For example bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living area or motorhome garage.

Outdoor light

  1. The exterior light next to the side door of the motorhome is switched on using either the control panel or the switch next to the panel.
  2. Often the exterior light also has a light sensor, this means that it only comes on at night.

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