How the windows in the motorhome work

How the windows in the motorhome work

The windows in the motorhome are most often made of plastic. They are therefore quite vulnerable to breakage. Roof windows are extra vulnerable and can be broken by strong winds. I therefore recommend that you always close the roof windows when leaving the motorhome.

Roof windows

  1. Roof windows are most often opened by twisting the crank. On models with a lever, the lever is released by pressing the oval button.
  2. Each sunroof has a blackout feature that is used at night. It retracts from the side of the sunroof.
  3. When driving, the blackout should not be fully retracted for window ventilation. The blackout is not to be 100% retracted even in intense sunlight.
  4. Each sunroof has an insect screen, it retracts from the side of the sunroof similar to the blackout.
  5. Roof windows should be closed while driving.

Side windows

  1. The side windows are opened by turning the black latches. The flaps are fused on some models and a small round knob needs to be pushed in.
  2. Most often, the shutters are opened by tilting them outwards from the bottom upwards. In some cases the side windows are also sliding.
  3. The side windows can be opened to the ventilators by securing the middle flap.
  4. Each side window has a blackout for night or against the sun. The blackout blinds can be pulled out either from above or below.
  5. The side windows have insect screens, extending most often from the top of the side window.
  6. The side windows should be closed when driving.

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