How to choose a suitable motorhome for rent?

How to choose a suitable motorhome for rent?

If you are choosing a motorhome hire company in advance, you can also choose by the brand of motorhome you are renting. However, most brands look more or less the same. Although there are some differences in build quality, such as edge treatment. You might be more likely to be tempted by a luxury motorhome rental offer.

Choosing a rental company according to the brand of motorhome you are renting

At the moment, the offer is really more than plentiful. You can rent the latest models or older models that might be more affordable or completely retro classics.

I think the choice also depends on your lifestyle. I know people who don’t indulge in “digs”. It’s just the style now. But it’s maxed out at like 80-90. No more. You can get somewhere seaside with a car like that, but you’ll probably need a holiday a bit longer than 14 days for it to make any sense at all. But if you have a family with young kids, your needs may be different.

“You can also choose to rent a motorhome by brand if you’re interested in buying that particular brand”

That way you test the brand without paying a lot of money. And most importantly, whether it’s a suitable way to spend your time.

Does the size of the motorhome you rent matter?

Make it clear how many people you’ll be travelling with. For one person, a small van will be more convenient. For 3 people you need to look mostly for such motorhomes that have a bed usually for four. You can find such vans as well. You’ll definitely find models for larger families of five as well. Think about the fact that you might just lure a teen-aged child on just such an adventurous photography holiday. So it’s more suitable to rent a larger motorhome where all family members will have plenty of space. Therefore, look at the size of the motorhome for hire based on how many people you need to take and how many sleeping berths there are in the motorhome. These numbers may be different. This is such a basic criterion

If this is the first time you are planning a holiday in a rented motorhome, it is also important to think about the length of the vehicle

“There is a significant difference between driving a four-metre car and a 7.5 metre box”

Living in such a huge motorhome may be comfortable, but it’s that much more challenging to drive. Backing such a vehicle may also not be very pleasant, despite the fact that it is equipped with a reversing camera. You need more space when shifting from lane to lane. Oh, and forget about overtaking. And we’re not even talking about if you’re going to check out some small Italian towns where only a Fiat 500 can fit.

With a rented motorhome, you also need to think about its documentability. You certainly don’t want to pay unnecessary fines for exceeding the weight limit. What this means and how it’s calculated is explained in a separate article.

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