Equipment and accessories in motorhomes for rent

Equipment and accessories in motorhomes for rent

What you need in such a motorhome is quite individual. Because a motorhome holiday doesn’t mean you’ll be hanging out, or sitting on chairs in front of the motorhome, or setting up a tent. We all have different habits and that’s fine. You just have to figure out what your crew needs.

Kitchen utensils

This section is more for women and guys who like to cook. If you plan on minimal meals in the motorhome then some plates, cutlery, cups or bowls for breakfast cereal will suffice. You will have a fridge in your rented motorhome so you can have any food you buy. If you like a good coffee, a cotto or caffettiera in Italian will definitely come in handy. Coffee prepared this way tastes great. A milk frother makes the froth and you can enjoy the cappuccino overlooking the mountains in a deserted place.

If you plan to cook some lunch or dinner as well, usually 2 pots, 1 pan, cutting board, knife, ladle, ladle are enough. Maybe some sort of salad bowl. The kitchen equipment in the motorhome rentals varies. If you’re after a kitchen, ask the renter directly for details. In addition, you need some dish cleaners, a sponge or a rag. You may also need some foldable containers for washed dishes or dish towels.

“I don’t think you’ll find a caffetiere in any rented motorhome, so be sure to pack one with your swimsuit”

Camping furniture and accessories

The following amenities should be standard in every rented motorhome:

  1. table and chairs
  2. awning
  3. an extension cable and a special cable for connecting the motorhome to 230V
  4. water hose
  5. levelling chocks

A barbecue is certainly handy, but this can be at extra cost.

Bed linen

Should be included, but check with your motorhome rental company to be sure. In summer, a tarp will suffice, especially somewhere in southern Europe. However, nobody guarantees today’s weather anymore. You might decide to check out the mountains and there the nights might be a bit cooler.

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