How to pack for a holiday in a rented motorhome

How to pack for a holiday in a rented motorhome

I’d say like a regular vacation in a rented apartment. Depends what your habits are. Whether you make a habit of taking your whole pantry with you, or whether you prefer to sample local food. These are already priced quite reasonably in most countries (except the Nordic countries). It’s definitely worth visiting local markets as well as restaurants. Often you can eat on the street for great money and unforgettable quality.

What to pack in your motorhome

“Motorhoming is definitely not just about living and cooking in a motorhome”

Clothes depending on the destination you are going to and the size of the motorhome you are renting. Surely the last thing you want is to be lugging stuff around during your stay. So somehow sensibly take a reasonable number of summer items and something for cooler days. For example, we normally pack for 3 seasons in a small van, and that’s not counting sports clothes and wetsuits.

Don’t forget the sporting goods. However, you can rent anything at many places. Definitely take some of those toys for the kids too, but not too many

“Motorhoming teaches you minimalism”

What I like most about our van is that it’s always tidy, something that can’t be said about our apartment at all.

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