Inflatable roof installation for campervan

Inflatable roof installation for campervan

The two-layer pneumatic lifting component is crafted from X GLOO. Patented X GLOO 3DTEX material, known for its dual-sided mechanical, chemical, and weather-resistant coating. This structure boasts exceptional strength and stability, creating rooms that offer a uniquely comfortable experience. Thanks to the capability to expand the room while stationary, there’s no need for a large vehicle. It is an ideal solution for inflatable roof installation for campervans. Prioritizing ease of use and eco-friendliness through weight and volume reductions.

Effortless Setup with the Push of a Button
Thanks to a pneumatic system specially designed, setting up the room extensions is as simple as pressing a button.

A Cozy Atmosphere in your camper van thanks to the inflatable roof

In fact, the inflatable X GLOO 3DTEX rooftop tents and room extensions for recreational vehicles set the stage for a distinctive ambiance and outshine conventional alternatives in several ways:

  • Spacious interiors.
  • Exceptional insulation for a comfortable environment in both cold and hot conditions.
  • Interior sound absorption for added privacy.
  • Exterior sound absorption for maximum comfort.
  • Multilayered, light-blocking outer shell for peaceful slumber.
  • Robust safety and stability ensured by continuous air-pressure monitoring.
inflatable roof installation for campervan

Quick history of inflatable roof for campervan

In the RV industry, inflatable roofs have been steadily gaining prominence ever since the debut of the 2019 Hymer Vision. Erwin Hymer quickly incorporated these innovative roofs into their production line. Inflatable roof is currently used in the Bürstner Lyseo Gallery motorhome and the Hymer Vision S motorhome. Now, renowned German inflatable specialist X-Gloo is poised to introduce inflatable pop-tops to a broader audience of van lifers. They have teamed up with one of Europe’s leading pop-up roof builders to highlight the advantages of these roofs. The prototype roof, showcased on a stylish VW concept van, promises to nearly double interior space, making it an excellent choice for inflatable roof installation for campervans. Furthermore, it offers a swift pneumatic setup and enhanced insulation.

Furthermore, X GLOO excels as both a provider of inflatable roof for campervan and a problem-solving expert when it comes to pneumatic textile structures. Our dominance in the market dates back to 2007, with our pioneering Inflatable Event and Rescue Tents. As they continue to innovate, they remain committed to revolutionizing the campervan industry and textile structures, offering unmatched solutions and quality..

The inception of X GLOO 3DTEX stemmed from the vision of creating inflatable textile structures that double as functional surfaces. This textile fabric in the inflatable roof stands out due to its remarkable static stability, lifting and holding capabilities, as well as its exceptional insulation against cold, heat, and noise.

By combining X GLOO 3DTEX with our pneumatic solutions, they’re forging innovative pathways in reshaping the very essence of air.

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