Is it the BEST motorhome? – Hymer Venture S

Is it the BEST motorhome? – Hymer Venture S

Experience the future of motorhomes with the HYMER Venture S, setting the bar as the best motorhome in its class. This innovative vehicle redefines the conventional, meeting the most demanding criteria in terms of both design and functionality. It introduces a fresh standard by merging a distinctive appearance and a sleek profile with a surprisingly spacious interior.

Designed exclusively for two adventurers, the Venture S is equipped for off-road exploration and promises complete freedom without any compromises. Its impressive exterior is just the beginning, signaling that the HYMER Venture S is here to challenge the status quo. Step inside, and you’ll see the interior is revolutionary. The HYMER Venture S reimagines traditional camping with a visionary layout.

This motorhome offers a whole new dimension of “van life” on two levels. Characterized by the highest levels of comfort, design, and functionality. The HYMER Venture S is a game-changer, setting new standards in the world of motorhomes.

The Best motorhome – kitchen and storage magic

Discover the epitome of motorhome luxury with the Hymer Venture S. This exceptional vehicle redefines the best camping experience. Offering style, ample storage space, and unparalleled convenience, even while you’re on the go.

The Smart Kitchen within the Hymer Venture S is a culinary masterpiece, providing all the advantages of a full-sized kitchen. Whether you’re in the midst of breathtaking scenery or under the starry sky. Hymer Venture kitchen ensures that all you need for both relaxed and “professional” cooking is at your fingertips. It has a pull-out chopping board for extended workspace. Storage box system with a serving aid keeps your utensils securely in place. In this kitchen, you become the chef.

Step out onto your private sun deck with ease. Accessible via the integrated stepladder or from the interior of the Hymer Venture S. What more, the elegant wooden floor exudes the ambiance of a luxury yacht. Complete with an anti-slip surface, creating a unique atmosphere for your private terrace. Here, you can while away the hours while savoring ever-changing, magnificent views according to your travel itinerary.

The Hymer Venture S offers a versatile interior. You can enjoy shared meals, relaxing evenings with ample legroom. Additionally, you can convert the adjustable table into an additional sleeping area by folding it. Your Venture S effortlessly adapts to your needs.

Even when all the doors of the Hymer Venture S are sealed shut, the curved 3D panoramic real glass window in the rear area opens up a 180° view, filling the interior with natural light. When raised, it expands the lounge, creating a grand sense of spaciousness.

Insulated pop-top roof system

The Instant Loft features pneumatic walls with four-layer insulation, ensuring protection from the elements and providing a tranquil space free from outside disturbances. The pop-top roof, which operates automatically, extends your living area for maximum comfort and restful sleep. You can even use it in winter thanks to the separately adjustable heater outlet. The Hymer Venture S is the best motorhome in its class.

The bathroom within the Hymer Venture S is more than just a washroom; it’s an integral part of your living space with its own feel-good factor and aesthetic appeal. The vario bathroom cleverly combines two sanitary rooms into one. By rotating a wall, you can transform it into an expansive spa area with a floor-level XL shower, alongside optional features like a ceramic toilet, washbasin, mirror, and built-in cupboards.

For those who need to stay connected and productive, the Mobile Office Space offers a convenient solution. Additionally, with strategically placed 230 V sockets and USB charging ports throughout the Hymer Venture S, you’ll always have power when you need it. This versatile workspace ensures your business runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your work while on the move in the best motorhome for traveling and working. In just a few steps, set up your office space with the flexible skylight and passenger’s seat turned into an executive chair. When it’s time to relax, the Mobile Office Space effortlessly disappears into the side wall. You can re-engage holiday mode.

In the Hymer Venture S, every detail has been meticulously designed to enhance your journey, making it the ultimate motorhome experience.

The best motorhome - Hymer venture S

Hymer Venture S technical details

  • Price from: 225.000 EUR
  • Length: 646 cm
  • Width: 216 cm
  • Height: 307 cm
  • Maximum weight: 4100 kg
  • Number of seats: 2
  • Number of berths: 2-4

  • Bed dimension – Rear bed: 190 x 120 cm
    Bed dimension – Sleeping roof: 210 x 140 cm

  • Total fresh water tank capacity: 120 L
  • Waste water tank: 100 L
  • Additional habitation battery: 4 x 80 Ah Lithium

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