UNIMOG Crawler OTAG 385 – heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle

UNIMOG Crawler OTAG 385 – heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle

Crawler OTAG 385 is an ultimate expedition vehicle on UNIMOG.

Experience safer and more comfortable travels with the meticulously designed heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle: CRAWLER OTAG 385. In addition, the lightweight, riveted aluminium structure of the OTAG 385 provides extra durability.

The OTAG 385 as a heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle, provides a spacious and comfortable living space for up to four people. Furthermore, you can use an adjustable dining table and seating group convertable into a double bed. The main bed, which features a pop-up roof, measures 200×160 cm, offering a restful night’s sleep.

OTAG 385 also boasts many functional features. Wide kitchen counter, a 3-burner stove, an oven, a bathroom, an expandable kitchen counter, a 152L refrigerator. In addition, parquet floors, providing a comfortable living experience that combines convenience and style.

Additionally, CRAWLER models offer limitless personalization opportunities with their riveted aluminum body design. Your caravan can truly reflect your unique taste and preferences.

You can spend quality time enjoying the beautiful view or savoring delicious meals with the large viewing window located in the sitting area, connecting you with the breathtaking scenery outside.

The OTAG 385 provides a comfortable and independent camping experience in nature, equipped with various technological features such as USB inputs for your devices, energy-efficient LED lighting, ambient lighting, a water heater for your convenience, a 24-inch smart TV for entertainment, a Smart Panel for easy control, a 12V cigarette lighter socket for your gadgets, and a solar panel for sustainable energy.

With the CRAWLER OTAG 385, your journeys take on a new level of comfort and adventure. You will not want your expeditions to end with this exceptional caravan, where safety, luxury, and functionality come together to create unforgettable memories on the road.

Crawler OTAG 385 features

Price from: 136.663 EUR

Chrome Fresh Water Tank: 496 L

Chrome Grey Water Tank: 126 L

Black Water Tank: 17 L

The OTAG 385, a heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle, is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures. This versatile vehicle offers more than just mobility. It was designed to create memorable experiences for you and your loved ones. In its spacious interior, you’ll find a dedicated dining area that comfortably seats five people. Whether it’s a delicious meal or a pleasant conversation, this area is perfect for quality family and friend time. What’s more, the adjustable dining table and seating group can easily convert into a comfortable double bed, ensuring a good night’s rest during your camping trips.

The OTAG 385 is equipped with all the amenities you’d expect from a home. The kitchen area, conveniently located near the dining space, features a three-burner stove, a refrigerator, and a spacious freezer. Abundant kitchen cabinets and drawers provide ample storage for all your cooking tools and utensils, making meal preparation a breeze.

OTAG is a heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle, but the bathroom is designed for your comfort, offers the same level of convenience as you would find in your own home. It includes a shower, sink area, and a cassette for waste disposal. This level of comfort is especially appreciated during longer camping journeys.

In the upper pop-up section of the caravan, a generously sized main bedroom awaits you. Equipped with hangers, drawers in various sizes, and convenient eyelets for securing objects, this bedroom maximizes storage space for extended camping trips.

Is it the ultimate heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle?

Technological features are seamlessly integrated into the OTAG 385, enhancing your camping experience. With amenities such as USB inputs, LED lighting, Ambient and Water Heater, a 24-inch Smart TV, Smart Panel, 12V Lighter Input, and a Solar Panel, this heavy-duty off-road vehicle offers both comfort and independence while you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Whether you’re on an off-road adventure or seeking a serene campsite, the OTAG 385 ensures that your camping experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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