Instructions for chemical toilet in the motorhome

Instructions for chemical toilet in the motorhome

A chemical toilet is in every large motorhome and its use involves regular emptying. If the chemical toilet cassette is almost full, a red light on the flush control will illuminate

Using the chemical toilet

  1. Open the lid of the chemical toilet in the same way as the toilet you have at home.
  2. Use the lever located under the toilet bowl to open the chemical toilet flapper. The lever slides sideways.
  3. After using the toilet, flush by pressing the button on the control panel.
  4. If necessary, wipe the toilet bowl with toilet paper. I do not recommend using a brush.
  5. Close the chemical toilet closure using the lever under the toilet bowl.

Flushing the chemical toilet

  1. Open the door to access the toilet cassette on the side of the motorhome.
  2. Pull out the chemical toilet cassette by pulling the coloured lever upwards.
  3. Unscrew the cap of the chemical toilet spout at the point where the chemical toilet is to be poured.
  4. Press the coloured knob (most commonly yellow, orange or blue) to ensure the cartridge is vented during the pour.
  5. Pour out the contents of the cartridge.
  6. Run some water into the cartridge through the pouring spout from the hose that is designed to clean the toilet. Not from a hose designed for filling drinking water.
  7. Flush the cartridge.
  8. Pour the chemical toilet chemical into the cassette according to the instructions on the chemical bottle. There are also tablets that you just drop into the cartridge.
  9. Screw on the spout cap.
  10. Put the cassette back into the motorhome.

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